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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In Which I Re-Evaluate My Driving

*EDIT* I really should add that during #1, I didn't stop suddenly - at all. I slowed into a stop. #2 --- I stopped rather suddenly, but seriously, I didn't want to hit that guy. This was also on a street that has a stop sign nearly every block. I'm not sure why anyone would either follow that closely, or drive too fast to stop.

I admit it. I used to be Ms. Lead-Foot. I got three speeding tickets in a year when I lived down in Memphis. With my current job, it's probably pretty important that I don't get a ticket... and also, I think The Targo would KILL ME if our car insurance went up. So, I'm a reformed speeder. Like most people who are reformed, I'm a total jerk about current speeders. But that doesn't excuse what's happened to me in the past month.

Incident #1 --- about 3-4 weeks ago. Nathan and I were driving home from work. We were in Chicago, just about 4 blocks from home, when I had the audacity to stop at a red light. I should mention that I was in the left turn lane, a lane that has an arrow, so I didn't feel the obligation to run a red light. The people behind me, apparently, disagreed with me and my perfectly legal decision to stop. The car right behind me stopped just before it hit me. And the car behind him didn't stop. So, yeah... rear-ender right behind me. Was it my fault for stopping at a red light?

Incident #2 --- just this morning. Nathan and I were driving to work. Were only about 6 blocks from home when a pedestrian decided to cross the street at a crosswalk. I stopped, rather than hit him, which was the legal and moral decision. The car behind me stopped just before it hit me. The car behind him did not stop. Again, did I cause a traffic accident? I think so. But was it my fault? I don't know.

What say you, Interwebs, in all of your wisdom? Are you now afraid to drive behind me because I follow the traffic laws?


SoMi's Nilsa said...

From my long-ago experience working in auto claims for a major insurer, if you are rear-ended, it's never your fault. However, from years of driving on the road, I think the behavior of some drivers is questionable. As in, if you are driving as if you're going to go through the light and then you slam on your brakes, yeah, that might have caused the accident. Having said that, insurers will always say that the person driving behind you was not driving at a safe enough distance to avoid a collision, therefore it's their fault. Make sense?

BTW, without witnessing your driving, I'd never be one to judge what is or isn't your fault.

Marianne said...

I really should add that during #1, I didn't stop suddenly. I slowed into a stop. #2 --- I stopped rather suddenly, but seriously, I didn't want to hit that guy.

Shannon said...

No you totally didn't cause either accident. Someone has to be following too close or not paying attention to rear end you. I know this form experience because I have rear ended someone before for not paying attention. Luckily, I was only like 10 miles an hour so there was hardly any damage. But the lady I hit did claim to be injured. At 10 miles an hour? Puhleeze! Anyway, don't sweat it! Thank God you weren't hit!!

Ree said...

I'm not, but at least two of the males in my house? Yes.