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Monday, May 18, 2009

First Haircut

So, we took Nathan to get his first haircut this weekend. I know what you're thinking -- "You really spent twenty hard earned dollars on a kid with clear and colorless hair?" Yes we did. Mostly because he had this icky fuzzy stuff at the back of his head. That really needed cut off.

(This first one is a little blurry... there was a great deal of thrashing around at this point.)

All I can say about this picture is that balloons are awesome, and mama really needed to brush her hair.

The tears in this picture are both sad and precious. Not unlike those featured in his first bath. We felt bad-ish ... but his hair looks really nice now.


Nicole P. said...

Those tears slay me!! Poor guy. But he's oh so dapper with his new 'do.

Shannon said...

He is so cute!! We have been cutting Liam's hair at home and let me just say, what an adventure. Luckily, it grows out pretty fast!!

Kristabella said...

Awww! Poor Nathan! My nephew cried like that too! He'll get over it! And he looks so handsome now!

AJU5's Mom said...

I am afraid of what AJU5 will do when it is her turn for a hair cut. I don't like bangs, so I am trying to wait until the front grows out a little more. But, it is crazy hair day most days around here since she refuses to have her hair up 99% of the time!