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Monday, May 11, 2009

Kindness of Strangers

The scene: A bar/restaurant in Chicago. The cast is having brunch. Nathan is covered in chocolate pound cake.

Me: Here Nathan, let me wipe your face and hands. Then, I'll give you your pacifier.

Nathan squirms and nearly gets away, but submits ... because hey! Pacifier! There's a freaky old guy drinking a gin and tonic with his breakfast, stage left. Old guy beckons our heroine to him.

Creepy old dude: Hi. Who told you to use a pacifier?

Me (huh?): Um, no one.

Creepy old dude: Well, I'm a doctor and it's just not a good idea. How old is he?

Me: 15 months.

Creepy old dude: Don't keep giving it to him. It's not a good idea.

Me: (mumbling something like, thanks for your concern)

After our hero and heroine pay the bill, the walk to the car. Once inside, our heroine looks completely dumbfounded.

Me: Dude. I hope when I get that old I'm not like that.

The Targo: Yeah, that was weird.

Me: Well, maybe it's not so bad, just telling random people "what's what!"


AJU5's Mom said...

I agree that it was weird for a total stranger to make those comments - especially on mother's day!

Shannon said...

Yeah, well, maybe mister doctor man should keep his yapper zipped. I mean, really, anyone drinking hard liquor shouldn't offer parenting advice to anyone. But I would have done the same thing as you did, fake a thank you and walk away. Geez!!