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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do you think I should change my header?

It just occurred to me that the newest photo in the header is from a year ago, when we went to the pumpkin patch. My kid has grown just a bit since then.

I know I keep whining about time flying, but it for really is flying. I'm just so frustrated that I can't hold it a little tighter, for just a little longer. I feel a little out of control. I wonder if everyone has this frustration, or if it's a little unique to the working parent. I see Nathan a whopping three hours a day during the week. I know some of the professionals out there would be grateful for that. But really, it's not nearly enough.

Soon, the Targo will be traveling for business, and those two hours that he gets with Nathan will turn into just a few minutes over Skype. But still, I feel blessed. I feel blessed that we both have our jobs, that food continues to magically appear on our table, that we have a roof over our head, that we have an old, yet reliable vehicle. And mostly, I'm thankful that I have a husband for whom this time away will be hard.


Shannon said...

I know how hard it is. You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers. I think it does get a bit easier the older they get but I haven't completely made my mind up on that. You guys will get through this separation and be stronger for it. Sean was once gone for 6 weeks during a clinical. That was a tough six weeks but it wasn't long after he returned that we found out I was pregnant with Liam. Time apart can be good is all I'm saying ~wink~.

AJU5's Mom said...

My husband has traveled some for work, and it hasn't been that fun. I missed watching them play when he got home from work. But, you will make it through it!

Melissa Stover said...

i loved changing my header when i had pictures on it. i liked keeping it current. but since i just have the path picture now i haven't been as motivated to make changes. kind of makes me sad.