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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Do You Watch Jon & Kate?

Okay... I stand by my statement that celebrities are real people, with real families, and that's why I hate celebrity gossip. But... BUT --- Jon Gosselin is on my left nerve. Seriously. Stop living out your divorce in the limelight. It will have an impact on your kids. Do you think they're immune to all of the terrible things written about her in the media? My word.

This is one of those things I really don't get... WHY would anyone want to be a celebrity? I mean, yeah ... there's that whole money thing, but I would so much rather have anonymity, or at least some semblance of privacy. I cannot imagine having paparazzi follow my toddler around. I can only imagine the terrible parenting they might see.

Of course, I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick and I'm on my third cup of coffee. So, what do I know?


Shannon said...

I did watch the show but they both drove me to want to slap their smug faces. I think they want their lives played out on tv and are dragging their kids along no matter the consequences. Being a celebrity is their "job" now, not taking care of their kids.

I am with you Marianne. I would not be able to handle the limelight. It is a life I would never choose. But I think it is something they sought out from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

Oy, am I ever glad you posted this! I was getting closer and closer to a rant post about this guy. Ugh.

Rule #1: Don't put your kids on TV.
Rule #2: Don't put your marriage on TV.
Rule #3: If said marriage breaks down (God forbid), please, please spare us the gory details. Please.
Rule #4: Gallivanting around various European locations with a woman (or women) will NOT earn you sympathy.

I can't figure out if they're being poorly advised by their agent/management team or they just don't know when to stop talking already! Their twins are old enough to read this now, never mind when the little ones get old enough. Jeez.

I would never, ever seek the limelight. My life is too precious and my privacy too important. My strength is behind the scenes.

Rant over. ;)