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Monday, May 10, 2010

Count It All Joy

So, I've been having a hard time as of late. I was just saying to Amy that if I didn't write about those times, I probably wouldn't write at all. Times are not that tough; I'm just that tired.

I'm trying to recount all of the good things that have been happening over these past few months. But for some reason I have a hard time remembering or seeing what it might be. I am not trying to imply that I'm depressed, because it's not that. I'm just worn out. We're so crazy, we're so busy, we're so overwhelmed. I have to remind myself to stop, slow down, and take in the really important things in life.

I feel blessed to have this... And really, right now, this is all that matters.


AJU5's Mom said...

Count it all joy!
When we face many trials
When we suffer for righteousness sake
Count it all joy!
For like gold in the fire
Every test is refining our faith
Count it all joy
Count it all joy

(Shannon Wexelburg song)

Adelas said...

I spent way too long today listing up all the insanity that I have had to whine about lately. I have it much better than a lot of people, and sometimes feel guilty for complaining.

My mom spent 5 days with my kids while work took me and my husband to the Bahamas (I know, right?) and left saying "I have a whole new appreciation for your situation!" - I wasn't sure whether to be relieved that finally someone understood that it does suck on some level, or offended that she thought I was just whining. Because the fact of it all is that it HAS Been incredibly hard (short version: hubs out of work for 11mo, 9 of which I was pregnant, and since that [second] baby came he's been working 2 hours away, commuting daily with our only car). Sometimes I've had the same "dang it I just need to focus on the positive" feeling you've mentioned a couple times here, and although others' plights are worse than mine (ours), that doesn't that our situations are all fine and dandy.

I don't think I have a really good tie-up sentence, but I guess it's just this, have balance, DO look at the positive, but don't try to convince yourself that the negative doesn't exist or that you should be okay with it simply because you could be so much worse off. Thinking of you.