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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Sunday evening, I was driving to visit my friend, Jen, who is about two weeks before her due date. She's one of the most beautiful, awesome, fabulous people I know. Her daughter and Nathan are just six months apart. And her family only lives two miles from us...

Anyway ... short story. I'm driving to see Jen and give her a baby gift. I've taken to praying a lot while I drive because one day, I said something really awful and Nathan repeated it. (And I mean, REALLY awful.) So, I'm praying and listening to praise music while I'm driving. This car pulled up next to me and I kid you not, every other word in this song was Mother-#$!!*&*&!

I was listening to music to bring me closer to God and grant me some peace in traffic - a huge struggle for me. What was this guy's music speaking into him?


AJU5's Mom said...

You do have to wonder what the other driver would do if he got cut off or something while listening to that music...
I listen to either Christian music or talk radio in the car to keep me calm. Plus, it is "safe' for the kids. I hate pulling up next to cars with loud music going - or bass that makes even my car shake.

Where animals speak said...

Your reflections are incredibles!
I really like them! :)
Hugs from Bally