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Monday, July 26, 2010

Baseball and Back Fat

For the second Saturday in a row, The Targo and I have been able to go out by ourselves. This Saturday, we went to the Cardinals/Cubs game at Wrigley Field. It was hot, but I was so grateful that it was only in the 80s, as compared to the 94 it was on Friday.

We went to the game with a friend of The Targo's from college, and his wife. They're absolutely awesome people. Unfortunately, we were sitting in the bleachers. This means a few things:
  1. Everyone around you is drunk as heck
  2. Everyone around you heckles - poorly
  3. You can't get up, because someone will take your seat

The worst part of the day was that Tyler Colvin, the rookie outfielder for the Cubs, was throwing balls into the bleachers between innings. People were diving, elbow-shoving, and generally acting like idiots to get these balls. These weren't home run balls by Ken Griffey, Jr. or signed balls from Albert Pujols. They're just balls that the players were throwing around. At one point, Colvin threw one into the bleachers, near us, and this guy (an average-sized dude) dove for it. IN THE BLEACHERS! In doing so, he knocked down this 100-pound woman, and drenched another tiny woman with his beer. He didn't bother to apologize. Alcohol negates the need for that. This drove me NUTS, because Cubs fans are notorious for throwing opposing teams' home run balls back onto the playing field.

We were pretty tolerant with the craziness - because hey... we were in the bleachers ... that's where crazy lives. That one incident just frustrated me. To make matters a little worse, I was a crazy sunscreen applier, but managed to miss my back where my sleeveless shirt didn't quite cover, and the part in the middle of my hair. Sadly, my head hurts MUCH worse than my back.

I love going to baseball games, anywhere. The Cardinals/Cubs games are usually so fun because the towns are not that far apart and the rivalry is so historic. But, really. I'm just too darned old and too darned white to sit in the bleachers.

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