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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two and a Half

Nathan's now two and a half. I'm asking myself all the typical questions: Where did time go? Where's my baby? Who is this big boy? ad nauseum. Really? I'm enjoying this little man so much. He never stops moving or talking, and consistently cracks me up. Like, every day.

Recently, I've learned a lot about who he is as a person. A week or two ago, when I picked Nathan up from daycare, he was singing and dancing with one of the other little boys there. At one point, they got a little too excited and the other little guy slapped Nathan across the face (he's two also). Nathan stepped back and said "You hit Nathan face! Don't hit Nathan!" I hugged Nathan and told him he'd be okay, while my daycare provider gently disciplined the other boy. On another day, when I arrived, Nathan was quietly playing with trains and cars. One of the other little guys, a fellow who's not quite 2, walked up and took two trains from Nathan. Nathan looked at him and then continued to play. My little boy... he's the biggest kid there, by at least 2 inches, and maybe 2 pounds, but he's so gentle. A gentle giant.

I am also in love with his voracious appetite to learn. We have ABC magnets on our fridge. Every day he designs some shape with them and has to tell us every letter. He's using his imagination a great deal more. The Targo found a really nice copy of The Little Engine that Could. Nathan, who loves anything involving trains right now, sits and "reads" this book daily. He names every train (mostly after the characters in Thomas and Friends), warns them to not go too fast, and makes up little nonsensical stories. It's so cute.

I think one of the most hilarious things about him right now, besides everything I mean, is that he's the WORST backseat driver, EVER! He tells me I'm going too fast or too slow, tells me not to yell at the cars, and that the car is too hot or cold. He often does this when I'm not driving. "Nathan, Dada is driving. Tell him."

I know in just 5 months this special little person's life is going to dramatically change. I firmly believe love is not finite, but I am worried we're not up to the task of fairly loving two littles. But then I think about who he is, and how darned cute he is, I worry a lot less.

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Breathe Gently said...

Bless him, he seems like such a sweet boy! Obviously he got that from his mum. :) I know he'll be a fabulous older brother too - and I was just shy of three years old when my little brother was born, and my mum swears it was the perfect timing!

AJU5's Mom said...

Two and a half is a great age! And as for the love thing - the hardest is when they both need your attention, and one of them has to wait (and normally cries in my case). But, being able to love on two at the same time is wonderful! And watching two interact is great too.