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Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween at My House

So, does it make me the world's worst mom that I didn't get my kid a costume this year? No? Hmm. Okay.

We dressed Nathan up as a rock star this year. Mostly because The Targo couldn't agree on a costume, but also because the kid really really needs a haircut. So, he had an adorable black t-shirt with white sleeves featuring a gray and red guitar on the front, some distressed jeans, and spiky hair. He was pretty adorable. We were eating pizza before we went outside to hand out candy and Nathan got covered in pizza sauce. We then went with Plan B: Varsity football player. This costume featured track pants, a football sweatshirt, and a tiny letterman's jacket. He also had a toddler-sized football, but we left it inside.

We didn't trick-or-treat this year. I'm not sure when we/if we ever will. But right now, the decorations scare the bejeebus out of Nathan, and also, The Targo and I just don't need all that candy around.

Mr. Jock totally loved "handing out" candy. Really what he did was say "hi!" and try to get the attention of all the trick-or-treaters. He also proudly showed off his "shiny new bike" that he's had since March. Sadly, no one really paid attention to him. Kids just don't notice other little kids. But he also ate more candy in one night than he has in the previous 3 or 4 months. Needless to say bedtime was its own brand of hell last night.

So, back to a variation of my original question. Does it make me the world's worst mom if I didn't take a picture of my kid on Halloween? Because I didn't. And I already feel like a jerk.


Becca said...

Of course not! I think it's great to make costumes out of what you already have and keeping it a quiet family night of fun is just right for a little guy (and his pregnant, full-time working momma who probably really needs a break!).

AJU5's Mom said...

Since we haven't ever taken AJU5 trick-or-treating or dressed her up on Halloween, I don't think you are a bad mom. We didn't do any Halloween things on Halloween this year - instead we went to a bluegrass/southern gospel concert and ice cream social. So we don't even have candy around.

Where animals speak said...

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How are you? I'm good now, so i can search new adventures now! Bye :-)

Bally, your green friend