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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's a Terrible Day

I've been having problems with my auto-post, I think. This is so old, but I'm afraid if I don't write it down, I'll forget about how these trials, although they suck, are so very temporary.

Actually, it's been a terrible few weeks. Perhaps terrible is overstating it, but there have been many things that have sucked.

I mentioned not too long ago that Nathan's daycare suddenly fell through. Well, it had taken us about 8-10 months to actually find that daycare. So, the Targo and I were scrambling to find a new daycare. Thankfully, I had a friend whose sitter had an opening. We met her and I fell in love! I thought it was going to be perfect because my friend's daughter would be there and she and Nathan are buddies. The first day was terrible. Nathan sat by the door, holding onto his shoes and crying for the first 30-45 minutes he was there. Ms. C. comforted him and attempted to get him to join the other children in playtime, but he wasn't ready.

He was pretty hard to get to sleep that night, although we'd been making progress in the sleep realm. So, I decided to snuggle with him on the couch. He got startled by something and slammed the back of his head into my nose, breaking it.

Yesterday, I had a 7:30 appointment with my new OB. Because it was so early, I had both The Targo and Nathan with me. It ran a little bit late, but we dropped The Targo off at work downtown, and then Nathan and I headed north for work and daycare. While stopped at a light, we got rear-ended. Lord. Then I had to drop him off at daycare, Day 2. He cried and clung to my leg and cried some more.

When I got into work, my supervisor laid a piece of paper on my desk. It was a job description template. He said that they're changing my job title and description so they can get someone experienced to replace me. This is hard enough for me, because even though I know I'm doing the right thing by staying home, it doesn't mean I'm not ridiculously freaked out. Anyway, to add salt to the wound, the salary range was on the solicitation, and the low end was listed as $10,000/year more than I currently make. The high end is more than $25,000/year more. I've been here for 4 1/2 years! Essentially, they're asking me to spend a good chunk of my time writing a job solicitation that's asking for me, but someone who is worth a great deal more money than me.

I spent all day yesterday, and a good part of today working on that stupid thing. My supervisor was a bit relentless, saying we have to get this done today! Who has to write the job ad for their own replacement? Anyway, I finally got the nerve to tell him that it was really quite upsetting because of what I said above. He said that he understood, and that he's dealing with "compression" (comparable salary) issues too. And, he asked me if would make any difference if they offered me the starting salary. I told him NO! As someone with more experience and education than they're requesting, I should be toward the high end.

The drop off at daycare was a little better today, but still not great. Regardless, I'm hopeful. I know it's only temporary and Nathan will eventually adjust. It's going to be better. Things are just really frustrating right now.


Lani said...

You also need "Can't Get it Right Today" by Joe Purdy. Feel-sorry-for-myself-music always helps a little. :-)

Marianne said...

So true! Thank you, Lani!