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Friday, November 12, 2010

Much on My Mind

... but I'm having a hard time putting "pen to paper."

Really, I have a question for you more experienced moms. We were thinking of re-doing Nathan's room. We rent, so it's not like we can knock down walls or do anything crazy. I was hoping that rearranging his room my make him less anxious about bedtime. Now hear me out. What if we make it more about him, rather than apartment grade eggshell, with Nathan's furniture?

I'd like to ...
  • Put up some decorations of things he likes. For example, he's so into trucks and trains right now. If I can find some affordable ones at Target or online, I think it'd be very cute!
  • I'd like to move the crib out of the room, since we're planning on putting it in our room anyway.
  • I'd like to move some of his toys into his room, so that he has an area of his own. Right now, we've given him about half of the living room as a play room, because there's no room in his room.

My thinking is that if we make him part of this process, he'll be less afraid, anxious, INSANE, at bedtime.



Janet said...

Okay I know nothing about kids and bedtime, but these seem cute and apartment-friendly?

AJU5's Mom said...

I know AJU5 is happier to go down t bed or naps because she has books and a few toys in her room. Maybe if you just have a short bookshelf with some toys and books (things that can't be damaged and are safe in bed) it might help. I often find a pile of books in her bed come morning because when she can't fall asleep she will get a book and look at it.

Amy said...

no idea - but I hope you find a good solution soon. sleep deprivation is SO hard!

you've probably already tried this, but have you read The No Cry Sleep Solution? or, one of my favorite blogs for sleep issues is - she's really wise and balanced and the commenters are consistently respectful and insightful. you might find some good suggestions, or at least encouragement, there.

p.s. - a little late on this - but cute family photo...your little guy is SOOOOO cute!!