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Monday, November 08, 2010

Where Either Choice Will Make Me Unhappy

I posted last week about how my doctors no longer deliver at my hospital of choice. Maybe it shouldn't be a big deal for me, but it is. I know that if I have to have another c-section, I'll be in the hospital for three days or so. I'd really like to be able to understand the nurses, and have them understand me. Call me crazy.

Today, The Targo took the morning off, so he could accompany me to my doctor's appointment. We were hoping to get the information straight about the hospital change. I was afraid I was going to wimp out. Well, the doctor seeing patients today had to cancel because she was delivering. This is one of the negatives of a small practice. I've had three appointments this pregnancy get canceled. So, I asked the receptionist about the hospital change. She explained to me that there are things that they can't do, because the practice is so small.

So! I talked to many, many girlfriends to find a practice that delivers at the hospital I want to go to. And now, I wait.

Here are the things:
  • I'm at 30 weeks tomorrow --- should I be changing practices this late in the game?
  • I love that I *know* all three of the doctors in my practice --- Do I want to go to a practice with 10 doctors, where chances are, I won't have met the doctor that would deliver for me?
  • My current practice is not supportive of my goal of having a VBAC --- I would love to not have to recover from a c-section with an infant and a busy toddler.
  • My current practice delivers at a crappy hospital --- I would love my nurses to speak English, and my gosh, the better hospital is SO nice.
So, hopefully, I will have a decision tomorrow.


AJU5's Mom said...

My OB is in a medium-sized practice with three locations. I only see her for my appointments (when I am pregnant). And she didn't get to deliver either of our kids (and I had never met the doctors that did until we were at the hospital). It wasn't an issue though. It would have been nice for her to do the delivery, but the doctor isn't the one with you most of the time anyways (the nurses are). I would go with what you and Targo are happy with!

Becca said...

I almost switched practices around 30 weeks with Wes because I was uneasy about the hospital I would be delivering at and I lost my nerve and HATED my hospital where Wes was born. And it was because the nurses were uncompassionate and not very helpful.

Like AJU5's Mom said, you will be spending a lot more time with the nurses than the doctor who delivers you.

Shannon said...

I agree with the ladies above. Nurses are far more important than the doctor. Okay, maybe not far more important but they are way up there. I'm not liking the whole VBAC thing either. I really can't understand why they wouldn't support that, when so many physicians do. Good luck girl!!

Ashley said...

I am just popping in to say that I had similar drama in my 3rd trimester, if you recall. My midwife left the practice and went to a completely different hospital. I ended up staying with the hospital and switching practices, and I'm 100% glad I made that decision. I think I was about 34 or 35 weeks when I switched. I remember there was a 3 week period in between appointments that I was *really* nervous because I was in between practitioners!