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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

35 Weeks

So, then... things are going well. In fact, aside from being completely unprepared at the home front, all is going perfectly. I feel great, the baby is growing just fine, and I am quite large. (see below ... Baby belly + Belly fat = Ick)

Last week, I felt like we had some weird milestone. I have this dorky tendency to look for patterns (not quite A Beautiful Mind brilliant... just dorky). I noticed that I was at 34 weeks and Nathan was 34 months old. That means nothing, naturally, but it was this weird synchronicity that made me slow down, just for a minute. It made me think about how I've spent the past few months hurrying this pregnancy along, but not taking the time to enjoy the 32nd, 33rd, and 34th months of my firstborn's life. He's amazing.

Things have been going better with Nathan's sleeping. He's still not getting quite enough sleep, but at least he's getting more that 5-6 hours per night. In fact, the past two days, he's slept in the realm of 9 hours, plus an hour nap in the afternoon. This is a remarkable difference from where we were just a week or so ago. (This sleep-deprivation might be why I'm not savoring this time. Maybe?)
My countdown to leaving my job has begun too. The resumes for my replacement are in. Wow, has this been humbling. I don't think I'm some super superior worker, but maybe the powers that be should hush about how excited they are about the candidates until I leave the room. Jeez.
Life ... well, it's mostly beautiful, and is really moving too fast. I hope that I am able to really enjoy the last few weeks of having my son as an only child. Because it's December in Chicago, these moments will largely take place snuggling under a blanket.

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