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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a Good Surprise

Like last time, we haven't found out the sex of the baby. People keep saying "Are you crazy?" "How do you not know?" "I'd have to find out!!" That's okay, right? To each his own, but it's strange to me how many people are saying "I'm sure you want a girl."

Today, Amy (of posted about the idea of not caring about the sex of the baby, just hoping for a baby. I loved this post, because she has two boys and they're fairly certain her third is a boy as well. But it doesn't matter. She says that her boys are the children she was meant to have and she loves them.

That's so true. From the time I started showing with Nathan, everyone who saw me said it was a boy. This time, the jury's still out. Early on, people were saying it's a girl, but I think that's because I have a boy already. But, here's the truth: It doesn't matter. The Targo and I are so grateful for this healthy, uneventful pregnancy that we could burst. No matter what we're blessed with, we're going to be happy.

We're both from boy heavy families. I'm the only girl, with three older brothers. The Targo is one of two boys. His only first cousins are both men. There are five grand kids on my side of the family, only the oldest is a girl. So, we're pretty well convinced that people only have boys. We're comfortable with boys.

On the other hand, all of our local friends have girls. All of them. When we go to birthday parties, every gift we purchase comes in a pink bag. Last year at Nathan's birthday party, we referred to the party guests as his harem, because we don't know anyone locally with little boys. A little girl would be delightful.

Those of you with multiple children, expecting your first, or hoping to be a parent someday ... Do you care about the sex? Did you find out beforehand?


Anonymous said...

AS you know, we found out the gender with all three. I was all for having a surprise with the first, but my Jonathan doesn't handle surprises well, and he asked that we find out. Then with the second we already knew that we were moving to seminary, so we sort of wanted to know if we needed to plan for a change or not. Turns out we did. This last time around it made no difference whatsoever, except we thought it would help our oldest to think of the baby as a real living person if we could say, "sister" or "brother" instead of generic baby.

In all cases it was about preparation rather than hope. We went into every ultrasound caring far more about healthy heart, spine, and brain development than genitals.

Sarah said...

I also loved amalah's post!

I desperately want a third and maybe a fourth) baby, and I'd really like a little girl, but if it's not i the cards, I am not going to sweat it. Healthy and uneventful are way more important.

I found out with both boys. I'd like #3 to be a surprise because my family wants GIRL, and I'd hate to deal with that crap after the 20 week u/s.