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Thursday, February 10, 2011


I should title this "memories I should remember but don't really remember because of all the drugs, omigah!" But, that's a little long.

This was me, the day after Nathan was born. MY GOSH, how perfect was that child? That's what you look like when you're a week-plus overdue and you have no birth trauma. But, mama, that's what she looks like with a c-section and subsequent DRUGS! I also didn't realize this until we got home from the hospital, but as you can see in the picture, I developed a rash on my face at some point. It might have been from the medication. Who knows? It showed up in ALL the pictures. So pretty.

This next picture was me with Daniel ... he was about 2 weeks old in this photo. Somehow, despite the lack of pain medication, I look more delirious in this picture. No rash this time, but my skin somehow looks worse. And those dark circles have had three years worth of growth, so they're eating my entire face.

This little one... he's pretty perfect too. Only one day overcooked, and had a bit of birth trauma. But still, he's a lot of awesome.


Shannon said...

I think you both look absolutely perfect. Your skin looks amazing!!! And I got a pair of those dark circles too! I hope you're sleeping better these days.

Swimming-duck said...

Well I think you look amazing! After I had Ayden I looked like someone hit me with a truck repeatedly. And not just for a few weeks - at least a few months! I'm hoping to somehow look and feel more with it this time around!