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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Boys

As crazy as things are, these little people still make it easy to get up in the morning.

This little one's hair is SO DARNED crazy. I just let it go. I think it's part of who he is. Also, do I have room to talk?

I'm so amazing 1) that five months has passed already, and 2) how different Daniel is than Nathan was at this age. Mostly, he sleeps and he's way fussier. But also, he's still pretty fussy. Also, you guys, I swear this is true: The kid is crawling. He's going backward, but he's up on all fours! He just turned five months on Sunday. I'm posting a video later this week. Nathan walked fairly early - around 10 months. So, I feel like we're sort of prepared.

Anyway, we're madly in love over here.


Becca said...

They are PRECIOUS! Love the pics.

Swimming-duck said...

They are adorable!

AJU5's Mom said...

I love his hair! AJU6 is starting to have a fro some days - but it took him more than a year to get hair about as long as your lo's...

Sarah @ said...

I love the crazy hair, but I love the pictures of both of them together most of all =) What cutie pies!