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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'll Have Some Poison with That

I'm admittedly obsessed with my cat (see About Me section). Mystic is a strange cat. I'm sure a lot of cat owners say that about their cats, but she's really odd. She's the most dog-like cat I've ever seen. She loves to play fetch, she comes when called, she is constantly in the room with people (never hiding ~ from anyone), and she responds to some commands. This is all true! Ask anyone! **shifty look**

One of Mystic's favorite activities is to bring us strange things to play fetch with. It started with paper and spread to anything that could be thrown. It's inspired the Targo and I to play a game called "What's the strangest thing you've taken out of Mystic's mouth?" I thought we'd hit the pinnacle with the plastic knife (where the hell did she get that?), but Oh NO! One day she brought me a dime to throw.

Since then, we've made efforts to kitty-proof our house. We're already those people not allowed to have paper! Anywhere! Within kitty reach! Because she eats it. She doesn't just shred it - no no no - the entire role of toilet paper disappears with just remnants on the floor. But I digress - our efforts have been outstanding. We've engaged in a lot of back-patting because she hasn't eaten toilet paper, paper towels, newspapers, bills, etc. in a couple of months. We're the best kitty parents ever!

And then I was sick with a cold last week. While lounging on my futon, feeling sorry for myself and guarding my tissue from the paper-vore cat, I played an hour of fetch with a hairband. At some point she got bored and brought me something new. I picked it up without looking and was about to throw it when I stopped. What in the world? NO! No no no no! Thank you for the blister pack of poison, but I will not play fetch with Dayquil! I draw the line right here!

1 comment:

awma said...

That is the cutest pic of Mystic. How did you get her eyes not to be red? Charlie is so jealous!