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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Minor Hiatus... Also, a bunch of ramblings

Things have been insane, with a capital crazy. Work is going well and I still have no fricken'-frackin' clue what I'm doing. I'm trying to absorb all the information I can. My BFF, Amy, is due to give birth, like any second. (AMY - where are you???) My Nogy (another BFF) is leaving me to go back across the pond! The Targo and I started looking for condos (omg, that's fun!). And this wedding stuff is coming to a head.

Invitation Invocation... Well, it may seem lame, but the Targo and I sent out email save the dates, but we're sending out pretty invitations. I figure if I've waited 31 years to get married (um, or someone has waited 31 years to marry me... whatevah), I'm going to have some fancy-pants stuff. But seriously, did you know some people spend thousands of dollars on invitations? Thousands! As we looked, the Targo and I kept finding ones that sucked, ones we kinda liked, and ones we loved very much a lot. Well, the ones that rocked were like, $13 each. Although we're not ordering many, that's pretty insane. We settled for some of the middle of the road invitations, but they're pretty faboo. We're supposed to get our drafts this week. I so can't wait.

Reception Madness (say that a la Ren & Stimpy "Space Madness") ... Ok... Really... This is insane. How do people plan these things? If you're inviting 80 people from ages 5-90 (The Targo's granny is old!), how do you please everyone? Good god. We have our fun single friends, the In-laws' older friends, couples with small children. We're trying to come up with something that's nice and all-inclusive. Are we on crack? Quite possibly. Well, I think we've decided to find a cute Mexican restaurant. We'd like a Sangria and Margarita bar (including virgin cocktails) for the fun folks and a pinata for the kiddies. Any other ideas?

Lastly, we're having an "engagement" party in a few weeks in my hometown. This stresses me out for many reasons: 1) I'm a freak, 2) I'm a mega freak, 3) Will everyone think we're planning this just so we can get gifts?, 4) Why can't these people just come up to Chicago for the fun party? WHY!

Bummer... so not a funny post. I'm working on that.

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