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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Possibly Trustworthy

So like, when I check my blog and I find two comments on it, I'm so excited!! YAY! Thank you, Wooden Porch and Liz. Sweet gals.

Anyway, as I was saying in my last entry, I feel like I look like a trustworthy person. Otherwise, why would people ask me for directions. I mean, it's not like I look like this:

Or this:

Because I don't. I look like this:

(I'm the chick. And yes, I'm aware that we look alike.)

I don't know. I'd trust me. Then again, who knows what I might be hiding behind those shades.


The Wooden Porch said...

You are adorable!!

Marianne said...

Whatever you - with your Angelina Jolie eyebrows!