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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Inspired to Utter Many Four-Letter Words

I'm having some issues accessing my blog - or any Blogger blogs - from home. My blogging, which I use purely as an avoidance tactic for my dissertation, is being hindered, God Bless It! So frustrated. As such, my blogging (and reading all of your wonderful blogs *cry*) will be limited for the next however-the-heck-long it will take to get this straightened out.

And also? Tomorrow is The Targo's 30th birthday. HAhAHAHAHAAHhaHA! When were at his family's Easter, everyone asked me if I was turning 30 in a year or 3. Hahaha! The only reason I like my chubby cheeks... they make me look younger than The Targo. Why do I care? I don't know. Maybe because I'm jealous of his long skinny legs.

Tomorrow, I think we're going to Grotto on State. We're Midwesterners. We likes our moo cow. Well, I love steak. The Targo always orders chicken and then mooches off of me. But, I'll let you all know how it goes. I heart food.

On a completely unrelated note: It's April 11th and it's snowing in Chicago. I don't mean flurries, where it looks like we're a cute little hamlet residing in a snow globe. No, I mean it's those big ole honkin' fat flakes that require you to wear protective eye gear.

Lastly, just because one blog entry cannot have the word "blog" in it too many times: BLOGGGG!


Anonymous said...

I feel your blogging issue pain!

Happy birthday to The Targo and hooray for lookin younger (my cheeks are the same)!

And, uh, yeah, it's been freakin snowing here to. Protective eye gear kinda thing, too. Ugh.

I blame the Groundhog.

L Sass said...

I am hating on the cold weather in the Northeast, too. When I hear reports of snow in Chicago, I seriously reconsider my wish to return to the Midwest.

Liz said...

we had flaking all weekend. As long as it stops by June 2nd, I'm fine with it.

Nicole P. said...

Mmmmm, steak. Oh and happy birthday to the Targo!

Anonymous said...

Marianne - visit this site:

Then go get your braggy thingy, girl. You've been nominated for Best Humor Blog. ;)