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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

7 More Things about Meeeeee

I got this from the Loverly Sarah!

For some reason (cause she's a doll) she wanted to know 7 Things About Me:

  1. I am morbidly afraid of clowns. It has been this way since I was a child. Before I saw Poltergeist. Really. And long before I saw the movie IT. See... that movie didn't scare me so much because Pennywise was openly evil. And, I had already read the book.
  2. My favorite thing about my current job is that the title sounds so cool. Also, there's a TV show that's similar to what I do. My old job title was "Project Manager/Analyst." I still don't know what that means. And, there was no TV show even close to demonstrating my job. (Cryptic enough?)
  3. The Targo is afraid to have girl child(ren). He's convinced that he won't know what to do and that they'll inherit my lack of fashion/make-up/hair sense. I think I'm just fine, but there are days that I forget to brush my hair. And, I think sneakers are appropriate with almost every outfit. Okay, maybe I've got nothing to offer and I should be afraid too. Boys? Well, the Targo and I are both sports nuts. We have the same 12 year old boy tastes in movies. And we both laugh out loud at South Park. Maybe boys do seem a little easier.
  4. My parents married a month after they met. The Targo and I married 6 years after we started dating (7 1/2 years after we met). I always thought it should be somewhere in the middle. I'm happy that it finally worked out. We'll see how the next 60 years go. Although, I am kind of concerned about those milestone birthdays. Turning 40, 50, 60... before the Targo does not sound fun.
  5. I have never been camping. In my life. Ever. The closest I've been is band camp. (I see you laughing.) We stayed at a camp ground and had bunks and cold showers. We had to get up at 5:30 in the morning, and were still outside marching at 10:00 at night. I was eaten alive by the mosquitoes and there was no canoeing. I'm beginning to think it wasn't such a good deal. The Targo and I keep talking about camping someday. Maybe in Yosemite or Yellowstone. I'm afraid I'm not really up to "roughing it," but in theory, it sounds so awesome.
  6. I mentioned in my 100 Things post, that I don't speak any languages other than American English. I really would like to learn someday. I had planned to study either Polish or Russian when I moved up here, but never got around to it. The Targo took 5+ years of Espanol and yet, when we were in a cab in Cozumel (great cruise destination) and the cab driver spoke no English, the Targo just let us almost get lost. I was all "Doesn't el barco mean boat?" It was interesting. I learned that I didn't want to be a disgusting American again. My restaurant Spanglish totally came in handy when we were in Mexico for our wedding.
  7. I thought the best part of having a destination wedding would be the vacation, non-stressed aspect of it. But really, it was having our parents on vacation with us. I know how lame that sounds. I really hope to take our families on vacation again. It was so fun. Our parents acted like newlyweds. And my parents, who had never been out of the country, did things I'm sure they'd never imagined doing: snorkeling, swimming in subterranean rivers... it rocked.

I don't know who to tag... but feel free to post this stuff... I love random bits of info about you all.


Anonymous said...

Awww, jeez, thanks Marianne! *blush* I'm totally with you on the clown thing. Eugh! *shudder*

This one time. At band camp.... LOL! Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Tell the Targo that he'll be fine with daughter(s). The Hubby was terrified of daughters before we had ours. Now he's almost ready to start putting her hair in pigtails. Champ! :)

L Sass said...

Number 2 totally gives away your occupation. I KNEW that you were secretly had magical powers and were working with other superhuman people to save the world like in "Heros"

janet said...

I harbor the same fears about getting old in front of my husband. I mean, can he possibly still love me when I'm 60 and fat and wrinkly and saggy? It's kind of hard to imagine. Thank goodness we have awhile...

The Wooden Porch said...

We'll be camping up your ways this summer, wana join us? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, and here I thought she worked for Donald Trump....The Apprentice.... :)