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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

101 (Useless) Things

This morning, I posted my 100th entry! Isn't it crazy? I'm the person who has been working on her dissertation for YEARS and yet, I can write 100 posts about nothing - well, sometimes about my cats. I'm not really sure that's better. Hmm.

To be honest, I definitely don't think I'm interesting enough for 100 things, but it's one of my favorite things to read on other blogs. Especially when people are funny. Love that.

And since this is my 101st post, I'm going to list 101 Things:
  1. My name is Marianne. I cannot tell you how often people spell it wrong. Or worse, don't know how to pronounce it.
  2. Even worse? My last name is very short and is a word that appears in the English language as a noun, verb, and onomatopoeia; yet people still don't understand it when I say it
  3. The Targo's has a long Polish last name. But it's phonetic.
  4. Um, I guess that's my last name now too. Neither the Social Security Office nor the DMV is aware of this fact.
  5. By the way, I do have a middle name.
  6. I'm the youngest of four kids. The only girl. And the only one between my parents.
  7. But I'm not spoiled. I'm well-loved.
  8. Everyone in my family has a million nicknames. This freaks The Targo out because sometimes he doesn't know who I'm talking about.
  9. I had several nicknames as a kid and my dad still calls me "Mouse."
  10. I became an aunt the first time when I was six years old. My mom became a grandma at 29. That's not as white trash as it sounds, because she's my oldest brother's step-mom.
  11. I have always been a crazy cat lady.
  12. My first cat (she was actually my youngest brother's cat) died my sophomore year of high school. She was 20. And gross.
  13. I went to grad school and got my first ever dog. He was a black lab named Jake and I loved him more than my long-time boyfriend.
  14. When I moved to Chicago, Jake moved in with my parents and their pool. He was most happy.
  15. He died in October 2005 and I cried for two days.
  16. I only have one friend from high school that I still talk to. And sadly, we don't talk that much.
  17. My closest friends are the girls I met in college.
  18. And Sloth. I was the best man in his wedding.
  19. And Amy. She's my soul-mate. *Shhhhhhhh... Don't tell the Targo! Or Amy's husband.*
  20. I always wanted "mall-bangs" in high school, but my hair was too thick and too straight for it to work. And? I hate hair products.
  21. I'm a diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan. It's in my genes. I don't know what the Targo (a diehard White Sox fan) and I are going to do if we have children. It's almost like having conflicting religions. At least he's not a Cubs fan.
  22. I'm totally a Tomboy. I love playing sports and know a lot of sports trivia.
  23. But I'm too chunky to be athletic.
  24. I'm not afraid of spiders.
  25. Or snakes. In fact, one of my childhood cat used to bring snakes into the house. It would freak my mom out. I'd pick up the snake and throw it into the neighbor's yard.
  26. But, I'm totally gagged-out by flies. *ICKALOT*
  27. I have really eclectic taste in music. I thank my mom for that. Aside from her, her entire family is musically gifted. She made up for it by having an awesome vinyl collection.
  28. I used to play the saxophone. I was not very good, but I really enjoyed it. Except taking a tenor sax on the bus. So not fun.
  29. I was in marching band in high school and college. In high school, I twirled the rifle. In college I was a flag-twirler, which wasn't as cool.
  30. I broke my own nose once when I caught my rifle with one hand but missed it with the other. I have a scar and I consider it a battle wound.
  31. I've broken four fingers (but not my thumb) on my right hand. Again, battle wounds.
  32. My dad broke my nose once. He ran over a stick with the lawnmower and it flew thirty feet and smacked me in the nose.
  33. My nose doesn't work so well for breathing.
  34. I've always had weight issues (like most American girls). Two of my brothers used to say "Oh! One more jelly donut and they'll roll you to high school." They're mean. And all three are very thin.
  35. The thinnest I've ever been was my freshman year of college when all of the dorm food made me sick. I was a size six. And for the first time in my life, I had cheekbones.
  36. It didn't last long.
  37. I have size 9 1/2 feet. And I'm 5'3". Now how does that make sense?
  38. Once when I was shoe shopping, the sales guy at Lady Foot Locker recommended I wear the box. Jerk.
  39. The Targo has huge feet too. But he's about 6' tall.
  40. Speaking of The Targo: I really like him.
  41. We met in 1999 and became instant friends. He was really shy, but so cute. I was happy-go-lucky, which made up for my lack of cuteness.
  42. Then something happened: He broke up with his girlfriend.
  43. We started dating the following week.
  44. It was a long haul, but I finally got him to marry me.
  45. I love The Simpsons.
  46. And South Park.
  47. And Law & Order. Especially SVU.
  48. And HGTV.
  49. And the Ghost Whisperer.
  50. I love TV.
  51. And TiVo changed my life. Dear Lord!
  52. The Targo makes fun of my TiVo choices, but once had two shows about the giant squid. So there.
  53. I read voraciously.
  54. But I'm embarrassed to elaborate on that.
  55. Because my taste in books is even worse than my taste in TV shows.
  56. I think I'm hooked on blogs.
  57. Especially Mommy Blogs.
  58. Because I'm obviously baby crazy.
  59. Or perhaps just crazy.
  60. I've recently become a homebody. It drives The Targo crazy because we live in a tiny, mole-hole apartment.
  61. We're moving into a larger apartment this summer. Thank God.
  62. My parents still live in the same house we moved into when I was 2 1/2 years old.
  63. Since I graduated from high school, I've lived in three different towns.
  64. I've moved a bajillion times. And I still have stuff in boxes.
  65. I love living in Chicago, but I'm sort of ready to move again.
  66. I want to live near the mountains. And get a couple mountain dogs.
  67. I have fantasies of buying acres of land and building three houses on them: one for us, one for my in-laws, and one for my parents.
  68. I think that would officially make it a compound.
  69. When I was in grade school, I wrote short stories about ghosts and stuff like that.
  70. When I was in high school, I wrote short romances.
  71. I never much succeeded in English. And I'm sure you can see why: I write like I speak. So. NOT. Good.
  72. But, I'm a miracle term paper writer. Like, 40 well-written pages overnight.
  73. I firmly believe my procrastination is a character flaw. Yet I can't seem to shake it.
  74. I've worked in several bars and restaurants.
  75. I am now beleaguered with server anxiety and guilt. And never leave a bad tip. Even when the service is atrocious.
  76. I'm addicted to The Sims 2. I'm trying to quit.
  77. I have a potty mouth and hate it. I'm totally trying to quit that too.
  78. My biggest pet-peeve is when people say "addicting."
  79. Isn't that pathetic?
  80. The first physical thing I tend to notice about people is eyebrows. Mine are straight across, so perhaps that's why. My other BFF, Chris, has perfect eyebrows. She could be a Vulcan.
  81. I really overuse the words so, like, and yeah.
  82. My mom's family motto is "If we didn't make fun of you, you wouldn't think we loved you."
  83. They all suck.
  84. Okay, not all of them, but many.
  85. I had a friend in college who said "Here's a 'jeez whiz' fact for you..." I thought she said "Cheez Whiz fact." Now I say that all the time. In mixed company. People think I'm crazy.
  86. The Wiz is playing in Chicagoland this summer.
  87. If you're ever in Chicago, it's got an awesome live theater scene. You really can't go wrong.
  88. I love musical theater.
  89. I think Jesus Christ, Superstar is unparalleled in its awfulness.
  90. But I've seen and loved Les Miserables, RENT, The Lion King, Miss Saigon and The Producers.
  91. I made the mistake of taking The Targo to see Miss Saigon. He hated it because it was "so unrealistic."
  92. He also rooted for Benny in RENT.
  93. He's got a good heart though.
  94. I liked college, but not enough to do it again. The only thing I'd do over is go to a more demanding (undergrad) school and work harder. Oh, and pick a different major. Okay, I'd totally do it all over.
  95. I'm totally a "grass is greener" person.
  96. That bothers me more than the word "addicting."
  97. Why does blogger think "addicting" is a word, but doesn't recognize "blog?"
  98. I reference wikipedia a lot. But firmly believe it's not reliable.
  99. It's just easier than looking elsewhere.
  100. I'm apparently lazy too.
  101. This was really a lot harder than I thought it would be.


Aimee said...

Marianne - I was really starting to like you until you said you don't like hair products. I'm not sure we can have anything in common now. haha. :P

Hmm...will have to click on link about "long haul" "got him to marry me" and look for pointers because I'm getting tired of waiting. lol

Marianne said...

*snort* I don't really HATE hair products. I just hate having to do stuff with my hair. Again, I'm lazy!

Do I need to have a sit-down with your Mark?

Anonymous said...

Marianne - I totally get the hair products thing. If I can't do my hair in 5 minutes, I'm so totally not interested.

Congrats on you 101st post! Keep 'em coming!

Sarah :)

L Sass said...

We are considering spending tomorrow watching Jesus Christ, Superstar at work. You know, to celebrate Good Friday. :)

I played the trumpet in marching band for one year. But, I hated it!

Aimee said...

Hi! I'm apparently completely uncouthed because 1) I probably spelled that word wrong and 2) probably misused it and 3) have never experienced Jesus Christ Superstar. ::sad::

Okay, Marianne, but you have to email me some interesting books. I need to expand my horizons beyond Nicholas Sparks, Richard Bach, and chick lit. :)

Thanks for the offer of hte sit-down. I'm sure he'll come around. lol

alyndabear said...

Ooh, it's nice to meet you! :) I love these quizzies, I feel like you learn a lot about people from them.

Mean brothers that are skinny. Mine is exactly the same - eats like a horse and has a tiny, tiny waist. Me? I look at food and gain weight. Boo!

Am also addicted to television, and am crying that we don't have TiVo here in Australia. Le sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aimee,

Maybe some of these books will interest you:

Sarah :)