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Monday, July 30, 2007

On the Geriatric Moving Crew and Why I Have No Internets

Hindsight is 20/20. Oh yeah it is. (And also, this is a boring story. I just gotsta vent!)

Our parents were awesome. My mom and dad drove into Chicago on Friday night and helped us take a load of stuff to our new place. It made me think that it wasn't going to be so bad on Saturday.

Unfortunately, it was that bad. Part if it was that I was crabby. Part of it was that everything we moved uncovered dust bunnies larger than Magic. And another part of it was that it just too much work for 3 old people, my mom (who is neither old nor gimpy), The Targo and his gimpy back, and me (who was little help).

Keep in mind that we lived in a one bedroom apartment. It really should not have been that much stuff. But the Targo and I became so good at storage solutions that there was something hiding in every nook and cranny. And also, two PhD students have a lot of books. A hella lot.

We started at 8:00 Saturday morning. I had originally planned on taking the cats to the new place early, but decided against it. The Targo had already dumped their food. So, the poor critters were shut in the bedroom with the Amazon Dust Bunnies from Outer Space without food. There was much howling. My dad and The Targo went to get the truck. They came back with one that had no loading ramp or lift. Dear God. That probably tacked an hour and an a half onto our move. My dad used to be a Pepsi man, so he loved driving the truck. I think he might be a closet Tetris player too, because he packed that thing like a pro!

We finally got the truck to our new place at noon. *weep, sob*

My parents left at 4:00 to head back home. The Targo's parents stayed until 5:00. Then we snoozed on our bed, which was definitely in place, for about twenty minutes and then went back to the old place to finish cleaning and load up the last of the stuff. (HOW DID WE HOARD SO MUCH STUFF IN SUCH A SMALL SPACE???) We finally made it home, our new home, around 8:00 that night.

On the bright side, we had Guatemalan cuisine (yummy) and Gelato that night. (And we saw The Simpsons Movie on Sunday.)

I couldn't find my toothbrush or shampoo and I nearly cried. I think I was too tired to manufacture tears.

The kitties appear to be adjusting okay. Magic spends much of his time under the bed, but comes out when you call him. Mystic has staked out her sunny spots and demands belly rubs as you pass by. If we didn't live amongst 400 boxes, I would say life is just about normal.


The Targo, on the phone at 5:45 pm: Oh hi. We had a phone, cable and internet install scheduled from 1-5 today. We were just wondering if the technician was on his way.

Evil Phone/Cable/Interweb conglomerate: Um no. The technician had a family emergency and our other guys are trying to pick up his appointments. How's Thursday from 1-5 sound? We'll waive your installation fee.

The Targo, watching Marianne's head explode: Oh that's fine. Thanks! Have a good day!

Marianne faints at the prospect of no phone, cable, or internet for 6 days.

He's so nice, that Targo.


Anonymous said...

Oh, crap! Moving totally sucks!

Being without internet sucks worse.

Being pregnant and without internet is THE WORST SUCKINESS OF ALL!

The Targo is a brave, yet strangely reckless, man.

L Sass said...

Stupid internet men! Take care of our Marianne! She has blogging to do!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the internet people didn't recognize the danger they were in by withholding the internet (and cable!) from a pregnant lady. hehe.

Kristabella said...

I have to say that having the computer sitting in front of you all wired up to the interweb and you are NOT ALLOWED TO TOUCH IT is a far worse torture. Not by much though.

You only have nine months to use this pregnancy card. The Targo needs to get on board. :)