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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Monsters Under My Bed

These cats are bound and determined to give me grey hair. Before we got Magic, Mystic would sleep all night long. I have no clue what she did during the day; being that she's a cat, my money's on sleep. Since Magic noisily entered our world, the nighttime is for fighting! Lots and lots of fighting! Saturday night, the fighting manifested itself under our bed. It seems that the cats tore away the backing on the box springs and have created a "clubhouse" inside. Because this couldn't be annoying enough, the cats LOVE to get in there and fight around 4:00 in the morning. And somehow, their little bodies struggle enough in the box springs to cause the mattress to actually move.

On Sunday, slapping the box springs would cause two streaks of black and white to fly out from under the bed. Monday morning, I lured them out by calling them. Yesterday morning, I went to the kitchen and shook the bag of food. This morning? Nothing worked. For an hour, the fighting, the growling, the hissing, and the shaking of the bed went on and on. At five, I gave up and got breakfast. And wouldn't you know it? Opening that empty fridge drew an audience. "Oh hello."

The moral of this story is ... Anyone want two slightly used black and white cats? They're awful cute, with the emphasis on "awful."


The Hotfessional said...

Too Funny. My Fric and Frac (brother and sister) love to race up the stairs, down the hallway, into the bedroom, (using the dog for a springboard) and then reverse the direction.

At 5:20 am. Like clockwork.

My alarm goes off at 5:50.

Orange/White tabby and Orange/Black/White calico if anyone is interested. ;-)

L Sass said...

Finally! A pet post that makes me realize why I do not yet have a pet. I can't possibly care for another living thing.

Kristabella said...

Um, if you have any takers, I have two I can throw in for free!

Mine like to start the fighting at about 4 AM as well. Thankfully NOT under the bed. Usually just right by my head.

The only good thing about the heat is they are usually too damn tired. And I've now just jinxed myself.

Anonymous said...

ROTFL snorting hysterically! (even The Hubby laughed - LOL!)

I feel your pain. Bribe them with cat treats. ;)