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Friday, October 05, 2007

...I'll be the Round One with Sneakers

In November, one of my best girls from college (undergrad), Julie, is getting married in Mizz-oor-ah (Missouri, for those of you who aren't related to Great Grandma Jones). She is one of the kindest people in the world. And so I can continue my pursuit of the Guinness World Record for bridesmaid appearances, Julie asked me to be her Matron of Honor.

I'm so flattered and beyond excited for my girl. As I said, she's faboo. Her husband-to-be is smart, handsome and witty. Not to mention tall ~ about 6'05". Julie's about 6'00", so their kids are going to be giants! Awesome.

Julie has four sisters (all tall), so she most certainly didn't have to ask me to stand up with her. And I KNOW that this day isn't at all about me, but I've got to figure out how to get a red, floor-length gown that's not going to look like a burlap sack on me. Is that possible, do you think? Here's an awful picture of me from last Friday. I looked suspiciously pregnant that day (the round belly comes and goes; no one told me about that) and my word, the boobs ... and the scowl, please overlook the scowl.

Here's the only full-length maternity gown David's bridal has. It's very pretty ... but I also realize the model is a size 2.

My quest, people, is to find other full-length options. You know, so I can have "options." Has anyone else been in a bridal party when they were pregnant? If so, where did you buy your dress? If you made it, I will be very envious of your talents. :)


Kristabella said...


I've never been pregnant. To my knowledge. But me thinks you don't have to get a maternity dress. Because bridesmaids dresses come in big sizes. And I think next month, you should still be OK in a normal size? Just bigger.

My suggestion is to go to a bridal salon. Because those people know a lot about this. Where clearly? I do not.

Melissa said...

I wasn't actually in a wedding party, but I attended 3 weddings in my 8th-9th month of pregnancy. I wore a regular, non-maternity dress in a size 14 (I was an 8 or 10 prior to getting pregnant) and it worked perfectly for me. The dress had an empire waist and a flowy body, which allowed plenty of room for my belly. A couple people didn't even realize I was pregnant until I turned sideways! ;) Good luck, I'm sure you'll look great!

lifeasamama said...

my sister-in-law was 8 months pregnant when she was my matron of honor. we could go with a tiny bit different dress for her as matron of honor, which was great.

after looking at just about every formal maternity dress on the internet, i realized that they were black, black and more black. so my bridesmaids dresses were going to be black! for a morning wedding, this was going to be hard to pull off.

but i lucked out. david's bridal had a dress on clearance that was perfect for me - boat neck, tea length, it was black with 3 pink ribbons across the waist and a pink ribbon flower corsage.

so i got those for my bridesmaids (at $20 each, they LOOOOOVED me!) and then got a similar looking black dress for my sister-in-law, found pink ribbon to use as an accent, and had my mom sew it on.

The Hotfessional said...

Not as a bridesmaid. (snirk)

But even though Kristabella hasn't ever been pregnant, I think she has the best idea. They can do wonderful things with a nip here and a tuck there.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the non-maternity dress options - just go for a bigger size and get the ladies at the dress shop to nip and tuck here and there. You will be ravishing, dahlink, I promise.

Being pregnant has distinct advantages (other than having the baby, of course!)

1. Glowing skin that no kind of makeup has a hope to reproduce.
2. Gorgeous, thick hair that loves your stylist, for a change.
3. Everyone on the planet thinks you look beautiful, therefore, so must you
4. The shop ladies will make a big fuss over you, which is fun.

See? Fun to be had by Marianne. :)

alyndabear said...

Okay, before I say anything else I just have to make the Squeeeee noise, because your belly is adorable! ;)

And as for the other - what they said. I've seen plenty of pregnant bridesmaids who are wearing the exact same styles as the rest of the girls, just tailored to them.

Christi said...

My sis was a week away from giving birth when she was my matron-of-honor. I think we ended up getting her gown at David's Bridal and that dress in the picture looks just like it except hers was navy blue. I wore the dress to a ball when I was 8 months preggo and I felt so hideous but looking at the pictures now I looked pretty darn cute. So, whatever dress you decide to get wear it with pride! :) I'm sure you'll be "glowing" too!

L Sass said...

Oh man, girl... you'll look gorgeous, no matter what.

I know hardly anything about bridesmaiding OR pregnancy, but I'd think you'd have some good options, since empire waists are so trendy right now!

No one ever looks at the preggers bridesmaid and thinks "She looks fat" Everyone just thinks "Wow!! She's having a baby!!!" So don't be too self-conscious!