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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

On Traffic ... Again...

I confess, I have - a couple times, no more - talked on my cell phone while driving. It's something I try so hard not to do. Alas, sometimes a conversation lasts so long that I just can't stand sitting in the parking lot without air conditioning one.more.second. But really, it's a terrible habit for someone who has occasion to drive in a big city with other loons on the road. Shame on me.

While heading to work this morning, I probably saw 30 people on their cell phones. Now, traffic starts to build around 6:30, making the ride awful enough. But, I'm not here to complain. Not really. What I want to know is who are you talking to at 6:30 in the morning?

*EDIT* As Kristabella commented, it's illegal in Chicago to drive and talk on your phone without using one of those hands-free do-hickeys (Heh). Personally, I don't think it's as bad to talk and drive in the afternoon or evening as it is in the morning. You know, when you and everyone else on the road are barely conscious. Oh and... it's still dark at 6:00-6:30 am: Please turn on your lights.

I'm not militant, but I think the bumper sticker is just so funny.


Kristabella said...

I do it all the time. And I drive past not one, but TWO, police stations on my way home. I'm such a rebel.

(For non-Chicagoans, it's illegal to talk without a hands-free device in the city. See? Rebel!)

And yes, WHO are you talking to? I used to talk on my way into work in Cali, but that was because it was already almost 11 AM in IL.

L Sass said...

I feel the same way about people who yak away on the bus. It's not unsafe, but it is annoying. Plus, if the bus is crowded you do have to pay a little attention in case you have to shift to make room or -ahem- give up your seat to an elderly or pregnant person.