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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Night with a Hotfessional

***Um, wait. Does that sound bad? But look --- TWO posts in one day. And there are no cat pictures! Moving on...

Of course this isn't timely, because I? Am a procrastinator EXTRAORDINAIRE!! And not witty. But y'all know that.

On Tuesday night, Kristabella invited me out for cocktails (in my case, pint glasses of ice water) with The Hotfessional (aka Mrs. Hot!). We met at a quiet bar and grill downtown and had hours worth of giggles and getting-to-know-you chit chat. What fun! I love meeting new people. I think one of my positive attributes is that I'm genuinely interested in other people. "No wait! Tell me more..." is something I often say, while talking with my hands, all fit-like. These two told great stories, I giggled and laughed a lot (because Marianne=Dork).

*** The amount of nonsense and non sequitur in this post may be very high. I can't even tell you how tired I am today. Magic woke me up at 3:00 this morning and I swear I fell back to sleep fifteen minutes before the alarm clock went off. I'm so going to be a pro at those nighttime feedings. Damn cat. What? Oh! Anyway...

Mrs. Hotttttt is so smart and cool and open. I mentioned this to Kristabella when we had dinner before: There's something about meeting people who write out their thoughts on a daily basis - a transparency. You feel like you know more about them than many of your close friends and family. I'm one of those people who thinks my life has been a combination of stupid and boring, so what do I have to hide? (Or write about ... HAH!) Other people may be more complex. It's so nice to meet people who tell you like it is and are honest and open. And Mrs. Hot is fabulously interesting.

Kristabella once again charmed my socks off (I almost wrote "Sox" because I'm channeling my absolute loathing of the Red Sox ... HATE! GROWL!). Good lord peoples, that girl is funny! How can you not appreciate someone who has a category called "Hooch Hilarity?"

I felt like the ugly girl who was befriended by the smart, funny, pretty girls. And, dudes, it was awesome!


L Sass said...

So jealous!!! I haven't had a blogger meet up in a while... maybe I'll get into grad school at Kellogg so that I can join the Chicago bloggerfests!!

Becca said...

"I talked with my hands, all fit-like."

Hahahahah. You are me. I once knocked a whole glass of ice water over into the appetizer of one of the prominent scientists in my field. Not good.

Christi said...

I always feel like the "ugly girl" when I get invited to events with my stamping friends...we are so much alike. I wish we lived closer to each other..I love getting to know new people too. :)

alyndabear said...

Ha, it sounds so awesome. :) I agree with you though; sometimes it feels like you know them better than you know your "real life" friends.

The Hotfessional said...

For the record. This girl is not ugly! I already said I want to take her home. I don't need any more fugly at home. However, she does! Talk! With! Her! Hands! and I loved every second.

[whisper} And, ehem, I never knew it was possible for a pregnant woman to drink so much water and NOT take a pee break. Oh Mah Gawd. I hope she didn't have a long ride home. Hee! [end whisper]

Tara said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Marianne said...

I drank SO MUCH water. I don't know how I did it. I must have been really dehydrated or something.

(I am really embarrassed about the hand-talking. It's something I've been working on... for like, 20 years.)

Patriot said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm a total hand talker. Throw in the fact that I'm fluent in sign language and I think I could out-hand-talk Marianne! :)

I am so jealous that you got to meet more Bloggy friends! Lucky!! I wanna Blog meeting! Wah!

LOL! Seriously, you lucky ducks! Sounds like it was a blast :)

Kristabella said...

It was so much fun! And you're awesome. Because I? Only hang out with people that are awesome. :)

And I totally agree. Most days I feel like I know a lot of people in the computer better than my friends I've known for years.

Also, thanks for the compliments. Your check is in the mail.