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Friday, October 26, 2007

Belly Watch #6

POP! OMIGAH! What happened?

Well, it's (almost) the 28th week and over the past four weeks, my belly has exploded. My toes are still visible and I still have an innie, but mooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. No, no ... I'm just kidding. I know that gaining weight is necessary. Joke. Really. Just a joke. See for yourself ...

Peanut is kicking like a pro now. Every now and again it feels like he or she is completely flipping over and head-butting something (a kidney?). My endurance is getting worse and worse. Those six weeks of light duty at the beginning really did me in, I think. Before I could walk for miles and miles and The Targo and I were totally on-the-go people ... and then "No activity for six weeks." And I am a slug who gets winded walking less than one mile to the train. I am trying. Being active can only be good, right?

Last night I went bridesmaid dress shopping. I followed the wonderful advice many of you had given me to buy a regular dress in a MUCH LARGER size. Gah. But, it fit off the rack (well, aside from the fact that the designer assumed I had legs) and it's really pretty. (It's that "apple red" color, but you can't really tell in the first picture.

Here's an up-close-and-personal picture of the beading.

Tonight, I'm off to may parents' house to celebrate my mom's 55th birthday. I haven't seen her in a couple of months, so I'm pretty excited. Also, I wasn't Plumpy Plumperstein the last time I saw her, so I think she's excited to see me too.

Happy Friday, kids.


Anonymous said...

Look how cute your belly is!!!! Can I rub it? Huh? Can I??

Oooh, it's so cute!

Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I 'popped' at 10 weeks. Oh yea. At 20 weeks, I was getting asked if I was ready to deliver anytime now. Uh huh.

Love the dress!!

L Sass said...

Wow! You look totally pregnant now. Exciting!

And I think the dress is going to be perfect!!! Great choice.

The Hotfessional said...

You done good sweetie - the dress is lovely.

I think you popped just since Tuesday!

Nicole P. said...

The wedding I was in this summer also featured the apple red bridesmaid dresses, however ours were tea-length (whatever that means).

Belly looks good, sista!

Kristabella said...

Cute belly!

And super cute dress! I'm glad you found something!

Becca said...

You look great! And I love the dress too. When I looked like you do I was able to hold a fast food cup by sitting it on my belly and resting it between my boobs. That was a good look.

alyndabear said...

Your belly is just gorgeous, Marianne. And I bet you'll look beautiful in the nice red dress.

Rimarama said...

Super cute belly and gorgeous dress!