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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One Man's Clutter; Another Woman's Keepsake

My parents are pack rats. The Targo's parents are pack rats. We? Well, we try so hard to purge, like all the time; if for no other reason than to rebel against our heredity. Take THAT clutter gene! You must know this before I tell you this story.

When I got home on Sunday night, I entered a spic-and-span house. The Targo, it appeared, had spent the entire weekend cleaning. It was gorgeous, amazing, and I immediately covered him with kisses. And then, he showed me the pile of boxes.

The Targo: "Those are your boxes. See? "Marianne's stuff." You get to sort all of that."

Marianne: *Dumb stare ... picks up cat and walks away*

Despite my attempt to remain deaf and stupid, I will eventually sort through those boxes because, as The Targo said, "In January, we want to bring our baby to our home." Right now, our place still has the look of transient housing, which is mostly my fault.

We did purge a great deal before we moved. Some of the things I sent to charity or the trash actually hurt my heart. But, there's one thing that I absolutely don't need and has absolutely no value, that I just cannot bear to part with: My college guard jacket from college. Yes, I've mentioned before that I was a flag/rifle girl in high school and college (you know, in the marching band). My college years were so much fun that every time I look at that jacket a smile crosses my face and some nearly forgotten memory resurfaces. I love that jacket. I haven't worn it since 1999, perhaps 2000. The silkscreen is peeling, the logo is ugly, but that jacket? It almost feels like a definition of my college years. And those four years forged the person I am today so much more than most of my formative years. I can't let them go.

And, despite our desire to declutter, I can't and won't let that jacket go. If The Targo asks me about it? Well, I'll just pick up Magic and wander away, muttering like a crazy cat lady.


Candy said...

My husband still has his high school football jacket. From 1964. Keep yours, if I can push that moldy thing from closet to closet for 25 years, your husband can do the same.

The Hotfessional said...

Frame it. In one of those shadow boxes. That way, it's legitimate art!

Christi said...

I agree...frame it. Something that when you look at it makes you need to keep that! :)

janet said...

things you truly truly love are not clutter. But the rest of it is!! :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely frame it in a shadowbox. Then it becomes art, and not clutter.

As to the purge thingy, it's like Mount Laundry. Just when you think you're getting ahead, you turn around and see another pile. *sigh*

Becca said...

Hey, I was on the drumline for four years in high school and one year in college and I still have my HS drumline jacket AND my college drumline jacket. I will never get rid of those for all the reasons you mentioned. Too many good memories and too much hard work to just let it go!

Joy said...

Keep it! I still have my cheer stuff- it will be neat for my kids to look at when they are older and proof that I was stuff before I was their mom!

L Sass said...

I still have all my figure skating clothing, warm up suits and medals. I'll never use it again, but I love that stuff far too much to let it go!

alyndabear said...

Seeing as though I still have (and refuse to get rid of) my high school jersey sweater, even though it is like three sizes too small and has my name "ALI" misspelt on the back, I totally get you. I'm trying to be good, but I just know there are things I couldn't bear to part with..

Michelle said...

Hahaha, I still have the fabulous drumline t-shirts from SEMO to add to the collection I have at home - including my hs band jacket and the band uniform I nicked (don't ask me why, I am just a geek). I am sure the Targo will understand (if not just poke him in the noggin).

Michelle said...
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