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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I've been having problems getting going in the morning (it might be the pregnant) and am ravenously hungry (it might be the fat) and have been giving The Targo a ride to the train station (it might be the huge crush I have on him). So, I left for work a bit later today.

On my way, I saw a bunch of kids in Halloween costumes. They were mostly dressed as typical kids at Halloween (monsters, princesses, etc.) But one girl was dressed as a chicken! She looked so cool in this awesome homemade costume.

I was stopped at four-way stop while The Chicken and her schoolmates crossed the street. And suddenly, this IDIOT, blew a stop sign and almost ran over The Chicken and her friends. JERK! Fortunately, The Chicken and pals were fine and crossed the road uneventfully.

It was almost funny, but it wasn't. But almost.


Candy said...

I'm sure there's a "chicken crossing the road" joke in there somewhere, but I'll refrain...

The Hotfessional said...

Like I said, I'll never drive in Chicago.

Hell, not even a chicken can cross the road. (There, Candy, I'll say it! snort.)

L Sass said...

Oh, poor kids!! You're right... almost a joke in there, but really... not so much.

Becca said...

Oh that would have made me so mad! I saw a chicken tonight too! We had a little kangaroo.

RC said...

I'm so glad the chicken made it across the road!