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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Red Squares

So, we had a breastfeeding class. I don't know what to say about it except that I never thought I'd see that many nipples in my life. My word.

Not live and in person, just on video and lots of pictures. But still.


Aimee said...

hahaha. sounds frightening.

Hey! You need to email me your address so I can send you a xmas card. :)

kristabella said...

Oh hell no. I don't think I can ever do it. I know it's best and blah, blah, blah, but I'm all about the bottles. And formula.

Becca said...

Hahaha. Our instructor, after the demonstration with the fake stuffed boob, spent the rest of the class GESTURING with the fake boob.

Candy said...

Funny, I agonized over whether or not to even HAVE children, but once conceived, breastfeeding was the easiest choice I ever made. And the right one, for me anyway.

If you need to know anything, I'm your girl. I considered joining LaLeche to help new moms out after mine were weened.

The Hotfessional said...

But was Targo blushing?

Marianne said...

He so was... we were both bright red.

The Wooden Porch said...

Before I had my first kid, I couldn't even say the word "nipple" out loud without turning red. Now I have no problem throwing out a good "vagina" now and then with thinking twice.

L Sass said...

Hee! Nipple is a funny word.