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Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Day More...Also, Life with The Targo

Oh jeez. Thank goodness this month is almost over. It's sad when you realize that you're even more dull than you had previously thought you were. Really sad.

So The Targo has a new obsession: He is totally addicted to selling stuff on Amazon. This came into fruition as a result of our attempt to purge clutter; which, in The Targo's mind, includes anything that hasn't be used in the last five minutes. Well, let me explain...

The other night, The Targo asked me to go through our DVDs and see which ones I was willing to part with. I picked out about three, went through them again, and picked out another five or so. Goodbye, Golden Girls Season One. KIT, okay? *sniff*

Selling on Amazon couldn't be easier, really. The bad thing is that they take a huge chunk out of your commission. And when you're selling Walking Tall for a dollar, it seems even bigger. But amazingly, every DVD we listed (except one) sold in just a couple of days. The Targo, being the Capitalist Pig that he is, underbid everyone. He was just like that annoying contestant on the Price Is Right who always bids $1.

So, fifty dollars later, he's a changed man. He looks at everything with an Antique Roadshow's junk appraiser's eye. It's making me ridiculously protective of my "stuff." In fact, when we were making out our Christmas lists for his family's name draw, I had a hard time. I was certain that no matter what I received, he'd keep a close watch and post it on Amazon when I wasn't looking. Once again, I'm glad my beloved Color Guard jacket isn't worth as much as the hook it hangs on.

Wait a minute - Targo! No! Stay away from that!


Kristabella said...

I've always wondered about selling books on Amazon. Since they are just sitting in a pile and I hardly ever read a book twice. I just wait for the movie.

L Sass said...

Well, at least The Targo will always have a back up career to support you, right?

Jamie said...

Hi Marianne,

Delurking for the first time. I linked through Tara's blog and have been shyly reading for a couple of weeks now.

Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog. You make me laugh. Congrats on your upcoming baby!

The Hotfessional said...

When he tries to auction off the baby, please let me know. For some reason, I want to hold a baby. Then I'll give her/him back.