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Monday, January 21, 2008

I May or May Not Have Taken Your Advice

Either way ... no baby.

So, have any of you seen MonsterQuest on the History Channel? I 100% admit that The Targo and I are nerds and that our TiVo is filled with History Channel and Travel Channel shows. We're super fun.

MonsterQuest has to be the funniest show on television right now. Essentially, the show looks at "monster" sitings all over the world, brings in scientific experts and has them refute or support the hypotheses. The best episode I've seen so far has been "Creatures from the 4th Dimension." Here's a synopsis:
Creatures from the 4th Dimension - For decades cameras have been capturing images of a flying, torpedo-like creature. So fast it cannot be seen with the naked eye. Some think it is a military weapon, others believe it may be a creature from another dimension. But just what is it? This MonsterQuest scientific journey will use super high speed photography, physics and even a wind tunnel experiment to shed light on a creature simply referred to as Rods. *from*
What makes MonsterQuest so great, and in particular, this episode the awesomest? Two things: 1) The eyewitness accounts and reenactments are just hilarious (You'll just have to take my word for it and check them out.) and 2) the rods in the "Creatures" episode, turned out to be moths captured on camera.

I admit that my sense of humor may be a bit out of whack right now, but this show rocks. Check it out.


Jen said...

Take heart that child will come when its good and ready. And soon you will want to rip the face off of all the people who continue to say things haven't had the baby yet? or Holy crap I was hoping you wouldn't be here today.
I went 10 days over with #2 so I've heard them all.
Here's hoping you'll progress into real labor soon!

Nicole P. said...

C'mon Peanut!!

Vanessa said...

I agree! I love the History, Discovery and TLC channels the best. Also, we had our own little UFO sighting here over the weekend and the get the best town crazy up on TV every time. This one declares, while wearing his overalls and straw hat, "Them thar floatin object looked just like a corn chip I ate myself for lunch" Yes, I know, we are still laughing at this quote and its been repeated frequently at my house this weekend.

L Sass said...

I hope the monsters make the baby come!!

Ree said...

Oh Peanut? Peanut???? Hello? Come out, come out wherever you are!

Tara said...

Come on, Peanut! We all want to see you, especially your mommy and daddy. :-)

Anonymous said...

Peanut! Your Bloggy Aunties are waiting...where are you????

PS: I'm a closet Mythbusters fan, so I think I might be nerdier than you. LOL!

alyndabear said...

I said the 27th... hrm... we shall see! :P

I haven't seen that show but it sounds awesome!