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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Preparing for Peanut

*Edited 1/12... we're so timely*

We're in the last few weeks/days of swinging DINK status, so Mr. Type A The Targo and I are trying really hard to get everything done that we possibly can.

So... Lists! I love Lists! (So much so that I think they deserve capital letters!)

Things we need to buy:
  • Crib - ordered, to be delivered before baby (hopefully). It's in!! We're picking it up tonight (1/3)!
  • Changing table
  • Mattress - purchased 12/27
  • Mattress pads/sheets
  • Decor
  • Going home outfit
  • Car seat - installed 12/31
  • Stroller
  • Diaper pail thingy
  • Breastfeeding supplies
  • Playmat
  • Glider rocker
  • Nursing bras/tanks (Oh, the Google searches)

Also, things we need to do:

  • Pack hospital bags for me and The Targo and put said bags into car
  • Finish phone tree
  • Complete "Oh dear Lord, what happens if I go into labor at work?" contingency plan
  • Birth plan
  • Find pediatrician
  • Get in-laws keys to our house (The kitties! For the love of Pete, will someone think of the kitties!)
Please keep in mind that we live in 700 square feet and the "nursery" (ahem, office with crib) is only 8'x10' with an oddly placed closet and an awkwardly placed door. But, if you have any suggestions or MUST HAVES that we missed, please leave that info in the comment. I'm going to be updating these until the baby is born. Feedback = good.


Becca said...

We had about five million burp cloths of various shapes, sizes, and absorbancies without which we surely would have drowned in spitup. They are also good for sticking in the bra cup on the side the baby is not nursing on at the moment because, well you'll understand soon.

Sounds like you are set though! Good luck.

Candy said...

I'm almost envious. I said almost.

The only suggestion I have to give on that list, is go to the pediatric ward of the hospital and ask the nurses there who the best pediatrician is. That's how I found mine. My 9 month old daughter was hospitalized, and we had one of those practices with 12 doctors and none of them remember who you are? I was wheeling her around in a wagon one night, and this lovely man bent down and spoke to her...not to me. I asked the nurses got all dreamy-eyed and they told me that was Dr. W. He was our pediatrician for the next 15 years.

Anonymous said...

Looks like even if you haven't done every thing, you at least know you have to do them! My OB said it's amazing the number of people who have the baby and then are shocked that the hospital won't let them leave since they didn't buy a FRIGGING CAR SEAT for the infant. Yeah.

You crack me up. Definitely have a list of people's numbers (or delegate, with the tree). My assvice on the birth plan: all goes to hell at the hospital, just stick to your gut/pain threshold and adjust accordingly. :) You'll be FINE. One last piece of assvice (and you can tell me to shove it): the maternity bras. I bought a couple before I gave birth, but the BEST advice came from a nursery nurse who recommended (hesitantly) WalMart. I'm not a WalMart fan at ALL, but I believed her and scored like 3 bras for $8 each...and they are SO comfortable. You'll wear them to sleep, etc., because well, your knockers will be large and in charge...and they're so comfortable I'm wearing one RIGHT NOW (even though I have 10 weeks left before due date)...since my cups runneth over.

And now I will cease and desist with the advice. You're awesome! YAY!

Shelly said...

The only thing I would say is to keep an open mind. Both of my children were completely different and the one item that we couldn't live without with the first child, the second child didn't use at all. So every baby is different (duh, right?) and you will find the things that work for you and your husband and your baby. Just be open to all suggestions and don't let anyone tell you that you "have to do it this way" or "that way". Find your own way and listen to your heart and to your baby. Your baby will tell you the things that he or she needs in his or her own way.

Shelly said...

Oh! And best wishes!

Patricia said...

A baby soother for your baby bag. The nurses used bottle tips with tape. Pick a soother that there is plenty of because I bought one for my first child that later on was "discontinued". It was the only one he would use and I was so desperate as they broke, one by find more of the same.

Some warm and comfortable pjs for you, sanitary pads (no kidding...hubby had to go out and buy me some while I was in the hospital), slippers, burb cloths, maternity bra.

If you are planning to breastfeed then a good book on that subject. My hubby had to bring mine to the hospital because things didn't go as smoothly as I thought...for something "natural" it wasn't freakin' natural at all!!

AND A CAMERA!!! You'll regret it if you forget it in the moment!!

If your baby drops, then when your water breaks it won't gush. It'll trickle ~ baby's head keeps Niagra Falls to a minimum. If baby hasn't dropped...well, Niagra falls and it did with me. I was glad I was home when it happened. So maybe carry something to change into or hide the situation, if necessary? Things gushed twice more so my change of clothes got wet again.

Jen said...

Hmm, a couple of pairs of socks for the hospital. My feet were always sooo cold and well bring mulitple because you may soil one. Hah!
Also, I know that the bedding so cute at all the stores, but honestly I NEVER used the comforter because, hello, choking & suffocating hazard. The bumpers are nice though.
Thats all I can think of right now. And the other poster is right. Go with the flow at the hospital. I've had 3 kids and all of their births were different. A plan is nice, but don't figure its set in stone.
Best wishes to you and Targo. You may want him to practice HIS breathing, because if he's anything like my hubby, HE'LL be the one wanting drugs.

Aimee said...

I have no idea! Unless it were a kitty. or a dog. babies are a mystery. Good luck though!!