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Monday, December 31, 2007

Giving Ego Boosts to Snails Everywhere

Our normally lame-as-all-get-out weekend was spiced up a little bit by a visit from my parents. I miss my parents tremendously and so wish my mom was closer as I'm in the latter part of my pregnancy. But, there were four of us, plus two clingy cats, in 700 square feet for much of the weekend. It was a bit chilly in Chicago - and very slick out - so we didn't have much planned, aside from a visit to the Field Museum. We are SO FUN. I know you just want to hang with us!

Originally, we had planned on going to the museum on Saturday, but my parents arrived a day later. So, Sunday it was. That's all fine and good, but Sunday was also the day of the last darned Bears game. Unbeknownst to me, you're not allowed to park in the museum parking lot if you're actually going to the museum on Bears game days. WTH? We had to park about two miles away, for $20 (more than the museum lot, because, you know, it was game day) and take a shuttle that left every 20 minutes or so back to Soldier Field, and walk from there to the museum (not too far... half mile-ish). Needless to say, I was crabby. My mom was a touch crabby. And my dad, well he's old-ish, and was a little bit crabby. The Targo was just rolling with it, but I think he was afraid of being the tipping point.

So, after about 3 hours at the museum and my family leaving me in their dust, I was so done. I'm pretty sure I took a seat every time I saw a bench.

Aside - I had heard all of these stories about "Omigosh, people were so nice to me when I was pregnant! People smiled at my belly, held doors for me, gave me their seats... it gave me hope for humanity..." Um. Really? Yesterday, I was having one of those brazen hicks contractions and looking in vain for a seat nearby (don't worry, I've only had like, three). There was a 20-something dude and a 50-something dude sitting on a bench with just enough "I'm-a-heterosexual" space between them, but no room for my large backside. So, I wondered: Do I just look fat, or are people in Chicago really rude, or should I start shoving people out of the way? No really. I don't feel entitled; I'm just surprised that I haven't had the "everyone is so nice..." experiences. At all. /Aside

Anyway, I'm really starting to slow down. I'm not exactly waddling, just moving slower. Obviously, I knew this was going to happen, but just hoped I'd be immune. For some ridiculous reason.

After work, we're getting our car seat properly installed, all professional-like.

Cute, eh?

I've also got grand plans of finishing laundry and packing my hospital bag. If any of you have advice on what I absolutely-ohdearlord-need, please let me know. I'm totally winging it over here.


Nicole P. said...

Since Amalah seems to be the queen of most things parenty - here's a link she gave as far as hospital bag packing. Everything looked like a good idea on there (not that I would know from real life) but seemed that you might need "luggage" instead of a "bag"

Becca said...

You're a trooper. I didn't leave the house during month nine except to go to Target once. And I nearly gave birth right there in the pajama department.

I didn't use anything I brought to the hospital except for my camera and my laptop. I wore their pajamas and underwear (which is seeeexxxxxyyyy let me tell you) and then my parents came and gave me new pajamas, so I wore those. Oh, and I brought a book, which was nice to have during labor down time. If you feel like taking a shower there you might want your own shampoo and conditioner. But I was really out of sorts and the thought of taking a shower overwhelmed me, so I waited until I was at home.

I don't think that was very helpful, sorry. :)

You should have tried to sit between those two guys, that was rude of them! What the hell?

Kristabella said...

I can't believe you went to the Field Museum with like 20 days to go AND during the last Bears home game of the season AND to the world's largest museum ever! You're quite the brazen trooper!

I think Becca hit all the good points. Not that I would know. But those all seem important...

Liz said...

I have no idea what you need. But when you come home from the hospital, be a dear and post about what you took and what you wish you had remembered to take. I'm 10 weeks behind you, remember? :)

Ree said...

Do you 'normally' sleep on your stomach? (When you're not pregnant, I mean?) If you are, take your own pillow if they'll let you. I so wanted to sleep on my tummy the night after Shortman was born, but the pillow at the hospital sucked.

Tara said...

Cute car seat. A baby will be in there soon...:-)

I can't believe those two men wouldn't move so you could sit down.

Anonymous said...

The Mouse's Guide to Packing Your Hospital Bag:

1. One nice pair of PJs that you won't wear. Wear the hospital gowns. Trust me. You'll be messy.

2. Nursing pads and a good nursing bra (if you're not already wearing one).

3. Warm socks. 3 pairs. It's freakin freezing in the hospital for some reason.

4. Pads. Always super overnight ones work the best, IMO.

5. Hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap.

6. Baby diapers, iodine (for the belly button), hat, and an outfit to wear home. Pack a soother if you like.

7. A giant water bottle. I've never been so thirsty in all my life and was so glad to have an enormous water bottle that the hubby filled up with crushed ice and water.

8. The List of People to Call. Trust me. You'll be so happy you'll forget your own mother's phone number.

9. Your own pillow. Hospital ones suck.

10. Comfy underpants. They make a difference.

Woo hoo! Can't wait to meet Peanut!

Jamie said...

I heart you carseat! It's adorable and so gender neutral.

I second the warm socks suggestion. Walking hospital floors is freezing.

Nonnie Bear said...

I am so excited for you guys! One thing that I totally forgot about was bringing the baby book to the hospital so Liam's cute little footsies could be stamped in the book right after he was born. The nurses will do it for you when they are doing the birth certificate. Oh and I would get one of those car seat covers for keeping baby warm in cold Chicago. That with a bunting is a must!

L Sass said...

I have heard from pregnant friends in NYC that people DO NOT give up their seats! I was kind of shocked because I've often witnessed multiple people clamoring to cede their seat to a pregnant women, but I guess people are just that rude!