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Monday, March 03, 2008

Help Wanted

So, I'm heading back to work ... sooner than I can bear to think about (mid-April). And, I need some help.

I have this tiny-itty-bitty-wittle purse that I purchased three or four years ago at an adorable boutique. (See below ... except, it's black, because I live in Chicago.)
This purse was barely functional for me as a carefree lady sans children. I mean, you can't fit a planner in there! And I? Do not get paid enough (nor do I have the need) for a Blackberry. Also, my keys would somehow migrate to a part of the purse where they could be heard, but not seen. Thus, like a crossroad trucker, I keep my keys in my pocket.

So, ladies --- mamas or not --- what sort of purse do you recommend for this yuppie mom-on-the go? I don't really have an eye for this sort of thing, but have found that I'm a little picky and I hate ugly. Grazi!

I'm really struggling with going back to work. Trust me, it's not my first choice.


Becca said...

I went for big, black, leather, and functional. Mine is Reaction by Kenneth Cole (which I got at TJ Maxx) and is kind of square and floppy with two handles big enough that I can put it over my shoulder (a very important feature when you anticipate carrying other things, like children, keep it in mind) and an open top. It holds my wallet, phone, keys, checkbook, iPod, several diapers, small toys, and random articles of Charlie's clothing most of the time. This kind of purse/diaper bag combo will not improve your key situation, however, I've just started leaving my car unlocked so I have a nice warm place to sit while I search for them. :)

Candy said...

Sorry, couldn't get past the part that said you were going back to work already.

God. What's wrong with this country?

L Sass said...

I actually recently downsized after years of carrying an unnecessarily huge purse. My old purse was a reasonably-priced fabric Dooney & Burke number. They have some tailored-looking purses at reasonable prices (some tacky-looking stuff, too, so watch out!)

Lady P said...

There is something wrong in your country that you have to go back to work so soon....!!!

Whatever you choose as a purse, the important question you want it to match your diaper bag?? Definately pick something comfortable that will sit on your shoulder without falling off constantly. That is a royal pain in the you-know-what!!