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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby's First Cold ...

Mama's first breakdown.

Omigah ... I know it's only a cold - I know - but he's so sad and pathetic and miserable. And I am a walking about-to-have-a-breakdown crazy woman.

Poor little guy. This is just the first time I'll feel completely useless as a parent. And yes, I know I'm crazy and a dork and again, it's just a cold.


kristabella said...

Oh noes! Hang in there!

Nonnie Bear said...

Oh no! That is tough! But you'll both be okay. Just be glad it's not a stomach bug. That is really hard to watch, literally! Sorry for reminding you what you have in store. Oh, up your vitamin C intake. I took 1000mg a day when Liam had his cold and he was over it in no time. Maybe that will never help you guys too.

alyndabear said...

Oh you poor love, I can't even imagine! Big hugs to you. xo

Becca said...

Sick babies are so pitiful! Congestion keeps them from eating and sleeping well, poor little guy! And it makes life HARD for you! Good luck.

Ree said...

Ack. I remember Shortman's first cold. He was miserable! We were poor students with no insurance. It was hella hot outside, and we had no air conditioning.

I took him to my mother in law's house for the day. She hated me with the passion of 10,000 suns.

Now do you feel a little better?


The Wooden Porch said...

There's no such thing as "just a little cold" when you are referring to babies. It really is a big deal because their bodies are so tiny and it is so hard for them to eat and sleep and the poor little things can't take shots of Ny-Quil.

Poor little Nathan! Have you used the dreaded nose-snot-sucker-outter thingie? Tank actually loves it. (but he's weird)

Lady P said...

Oh here's one for the baby books! He'll get a kick out of this first breakdown when he is older...actually, what am I saying? YOU will! That will be the very first of many, depending on how your life goes.

It is sure difficult not to weep when your little sweetie is sick and miserable. Over time it changes from sympathy for the baby to sympathy for yourself...believe me! Enjoy this moment though you'll cherish it. I'm trying to remember my first breakdown with son...hmmm...when I realized I couldn't give him BACK? Just kidding! Mine are teenagers now so they are totally past the "cute" stage and on to the very annoying stage. As in, they know it all and I'm one dumb mother. Or Mum, as the girl puts it!

Nathan probably looks just as adorable sick as he does with his soother in your arms, doesn't he?

How is work/work from home going on day 1?

L Sass said...

Poor Nathan and POOR MAMA! I hope everyone feels better soon.

Faith said...

bless your heart! I somehow, inexplicably, always feel responsible for my children's sickness - how crazy is that? I remember my oldest's first cold. I sat and read poetry to her all morning - how silly. Anyway I just hope you'll take lots of time to hold your little man, now while he's little. I know it's so cliche - but it all goes by too fast.