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Monday, April 14, 2008


Rock on!

Now, you all know I'm a huge fan of LOLCats on the Icanhasacheezburger website. According to this article, our favorite "monorail kittehs" will be featured on Jones soda.

This really inspires me to take more pictures of my cats. Because what says immortality than having your fat cat featured on a bottle of blue cream soda? That's what I thought.


Anonymous said...

Oh, ROTFL at the cat! Hee!

Yummy to the soda! Yum!

L Sass said...

Obviously I am not a cat-fanatic, because all I can think is: Blue soda? But how does it taste?

Lady P said...

Oh yeah; nothing like a cat "spread around" to cheer up the ol' appetite! The cheezburger website is a favourite of mine too; I love cats and think they are hilarious. I've got to take some photos of my cute kitty, the one with the boo-boo. I've had to cut rags to tie around his neck to keep him away from the wound; otherwise he claws at it with his back claws. He lost a lot of dignity with some of the looks we tried on, can he shoot daggers with his eyes!!

I'm with the first comment ~ I wonder what blue cream soda tastes like?

Aimee said...

apparently spam goes with blue soda. haha.