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Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Monday Again

Last week was a little bit of hell. The poor baby. Working from home. The cougar. The earthquake. Visiting my mom and dad. Having to see my SUCKY brother. And suddenly, it's all Monday again, and I'm crabby.

My first week back to work was a bit of a struggle. Nathan actually slept quite a bit because he was sick. And I was thinking, had I not been working from home, I would have had to take a few days off because the little guy had a fever. What was hard was going into work on Wednesday for a meeting. Unfortunately, I work in a culture where telecommuting is UNHEARD OF. It's not just rare ... I'm the first person to do it. So, there are people who are supportive, people who are confused, and people who are pissed. I'm sure the third group is going to make this hard for my boss to let my "trailblazing" continue. Be that as it may, I'm going to ride this good fortune out. I love being home with Nathan.

The Targo and I went to my hometown to visit my mom and dad, as well as catch some of my family who had yet to meet Nathan. Pretty much everyone gushed over him. (I'm the baby of the family, and they probably thought my old arse would never have children.) My oldest (erm, sucky) brother stopped by and was indifferent about him. Of course, Nathan's existence had nothing to do with my brother, so why would he be interested? This is the same sibling that 1) didn't get me a wedding gift, or send me a card, or even say congratulations, 2) never acknowledged my pregnancy news, and 3) is married to my EVIL sister-in-law. Did I mention I'm crabby?

I am hoping that this week is better. Monday was a little rough with a baby who would JUST. NOT. SLEEP. but screamed instead. But, I'm sure tomorrow will be better. I'm rarely crabby two days in a row.


kristabella said...

Welcome back!

What is up with that earthquake? Stupid things make me all dizzy and give me a headache.

Hope tomorrow is better!

Becca said...

Yuck! I really hope this week is better! At least there shouldn't be an earthquake, right?

L Sass said...

Dude, your brother is behaving suckily.

I hope this week goes better and is sickness and seismic activity-free!