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Friday, May 02, 2008

Not Giving Up

Despite being fat, completely out of shape, and eating like crap - I am not giving up. I'm not going to be a crabby, dowdy, doesn't leave the house mom. I'm not.

I'm completely overwhelmed right now. Nathan, blessedly, is the easy part. Working from home is just stressing me out. Every time I go into the office, there are snide comments, prying questions, and a general attitude that I'm getting away with something. It's quite frustrating. Especially since I'm more productive at home.

The Targo, in his infinite wisdom and all around awesomeness, sent me to the hair salon last night. I don't have any pictures today ... tomorrow. Really. It's amazing what highlights, lowlights, and a cute cut will do for ya. Oh ... and there's coming home to this:


janet said...

what's up with your coworkers? they so need to get over themselves!!!

Nonnie Bear said...

I agree. Some people need to grow up. But I can imagine how it makes you feel. Probably ready to slap someone. Don't these people know better than to mess with a new mama?? The nerve. But Nathan makes it oh so sweet. He is such a cutie pie. Definitely yummy!! Keep your chin up girl! Oh and I can't wait to see pictures of the new you!!

Tara said...

Man, coworkers. Sometimes they're so worried about what other people are doing it makes you wonder how they get any work done.

Nathan is one little cutie. :-)

Becca said...

Sorry you're having so much trouble at work! They all sound so rude and petty. Glad Nathan is doing well, though, that is what really matters. And yes, Targo is very wise for sending you out for a bit of pampering

kristabella said...

That sucks! Just remember that whatever their problems are, it has nothing to do with you. It's all about them and don't play into it. If you're getting your work done, there should be NOTHING to say.

I'm sure they are just jealous of your ADORABLE baby!

Candy said...

I would just chalk the office cattiness to jealousy. I mean, who doesn't want to work from home? And who wouldn't want a Nathan?

L Sass said...

What a great husband!

I am sorry that your coworkers totally SUCK. It is hard to be a trailblazer sometimes. I hope it eventually (soon) becomes evident that you're still doing your JOB even though you're not physically there all week.

Michelle said...

Just say the word and I will get on a plane and poke all your co-workers in the eye for you. Sheesh.
And also, how is it possible that Nathan gets even cuter everytime you post a pic?? I seriously thought he was the cutest thing ever, but the first pic here is soooo sweet with his little tongue and chubby tummy. *eep!!*

RC said...

I work from home one day per week, at least, so I understand what you are dealing with, somewhat.

Take care and Nathan is adorable!