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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Seasons of Love - Three Months

Huh. You seem to have this idea that you're a "big boy." I'm not quite sure where you got that, but I totally see it in your face. Especially when we have the audacity to think you're going to sit in that bouncy seat. No way, man. That's so for babies.

This month has brought about so many changes in you. You're transitioning to your crib, which is okay now that the cat hair is gone. It's like jail, with better food. You've also transitioned to new socks, because Lawd, you have some gigantor feet. Blame your father. And me.

You attended your first big kid birthday party. Your friend Megan is almost exactly 9 months older than you. Even so, I expect you to protect her on the playground.

You also went to your first baseball game - ex utero. It was cold and windy, but you made it through the 7th inning and a drunk guy gave you a White Sox shirt. Although we weren't on TV, it was pretty awesome.

You've also been bonding with your daddy a lot more. It seems that you have the same taste in TV. And undershirts.

Those may be his eyes, but your smile, little guy, is all mine.

Love you.


Ree said...

He is adorable sweetie. Absolutely pinch-those-cheeks cute.

Liz said...

ooooh a bebe pod! how early can he sit up in that? I am coveting a green one for my baby shower this weekend.

Becca said...

How cute!! I love that you tried to get on TV at the game. You guys sound like fun!!

L Sass said...

So cute! I love that you are starting Nathan early on baseball, but TWINS FOREVER!

Michelle said...

So sweet! I love his expressions in all of the photos (esp the one of him in that purple chair)!!! *eep!*

Candy said...

Oh mah god, he's too cute to bear. Need an extra grandma??

Christi said...

So sweet! You've almost got me in tears over here. I miss those days so much.

Lady P said...

Three months already ~ where did the time go? Simply a gorgeous smile in that last picture. You can tell he was smilin' at his Mom.

How is the work from home going?

Aimee said...

oh marianne, he is just darling. I wanna snuggle him. :)

kristabella said...

He's so big! And so adorable!

I'm just going to pass right over the White Sox stuff, though. :)