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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why I Think I Need Twitter

Mostly because my thought process is all about bullet points. Progressive bullet points; but bullet points just the same.
  • I sent pictures of Nathan to a coworker via email. She never responded. I think this means he's not as cute as The Targo and I keep saying he is.

  • I haven't slept in my own bed - with my husband - for four days. Why? Because Mr. Nathan thinks sleep is so 2007 and he's not going to have anything to do with it. So I've been sleeping on the futon with him in the bouncy seat (terrible nasal congestion). I added it up yesterday and he slept like 12 hours. According to "Your Baby's First Year", he should still be sleeping around 17. And he's crabby, and screamy, and our downstairs neighbors told us they're moving, but insist it has nothing to do with our child. HAH!

  • My stylist told me I don't have grey hair, however, she is one of the first people to not say "Wow! You're almost 33? I wouldn't have guessed it." Again, sleep is good for something.

  • Magic has been setting up camp on my left nerve. It's not bad enough he steps on the baby, licks him, steals his pacifiers, takes the bottles out of the sink, is always RIGHT THERE ... no. But lately he's been lying as close to him as possible, and then rolling over him. The cat and the baby ... both weigh about the same. Nathan doesn't even fuss. It's not like we're changing his clothes or diaper or burping him or anything. Why would he complain?

  • I'm waiting for my father-in-law to bring Nathan back to me. We meet up at work and switch cars. It's quite easy for me ... but a touch inconvenient for him. He's a good man. I'm so ready to go home and sleep with my eyes open in front of a baseball game.

  • I got approved for another 6 weeks of working from home. I'm hoping to extend it into the fall, but we'll see. I feel very fortunate. really. And I will stop complaining at some point. I hope. I know we're all overwhelmed.


Becca said...

This is a tough tough time and the no sleep thing makes it so hard. Hang in there! I bet you are so relieved about the working from home extension!

Lani ~ The Wooden Porch said...

That baby of yours is adorable! Don't think for one second he's not as great as you think he is.

Just for the record though, mommy googles ROCK!

Nonnie Bear said...

It will get better. It's ironic that I say that because most of the time when people tell me it will get better, I think almost irritated, "Sure, but when??" It's the when part. Stay strong fellow mommy with adorable, high maintenance baby. Did you know high maintenance babies are all the craze this year? Wuv You!!

L Sass said...

I think you are doing a great job. Also, Nathan is as cute as you and The Targo think he is. He is One Cute Baby!