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Monday, June 16, 2008

Perfectly Average Child and The Dorky Mom

A couple weeks ago, Nathan went in for his 4 month exam - and also Mama's nervous breakdown (vaccines). After struggling to put on weight after birth, Nathan has reached the 50th percentile. Awesome. He was a little underweight the first two months, and then in the 20th percentile the 3rd month. Now? He's a chunk --- 14 1/2 lbs. Probably over 15 lbs. now. Rock on, little man.

The acid reflux does not appear to be improving. His pediatrician changed him from Axid to Prevacid. Poor kid. The struggles come and go.

The most notable thing about the exam was the doctor's comment about Nathan's papier mache skin. Nathan's skin was ridiculously dry at birth. My doctor said it was likely because the amniotic fluid got low. All of that skin sloughed off and then he got baby eczema. His face was so dry that he would scratch until he bled while sleeping. The kid is in a constant state of greasiness because we use so much Aquaphor.

Anyhoo, the doctor was all "hmm... his skin is really bad. How do you feel about changing your diet?" As if I was going to say no. So, as of 5/29, I've been dairy-free. Until yesterday. Without thinking, I added cream to my coffee and ate a sugar cookie. (It was a polar bear and so cute! Nom, nom, I eat your head.)

Hopefully the kid won't burst into flames.


SSU said...

Glad to here Nathan is gaining weight. He weighs more than AJU5 did 2 months ago when she was 4 months old!

And I don't think a little cream and a cookie are going to affect him too much. One or two pleasures are probably deserved!

Aimee said...

fun stuff. Glad he's doing better, poor little fella. You're such a good mom marianne. :)

L Sass said...

What a little chunk! Hope the dairy sacrifice works... no one likes a chunky, greasy baby.

Leslie said...

I feel your pain Marianne! We have been dairy-free for almost 3 years. Make that dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free, tree-nut free, tomato-beef-and chicken-free! Whew! It is easier to tell people what our daughter CAN have then tell them what she is allergic too! Good luck with the eczema war....we battle it daily also! The good news is that my husband and I eat better! Find the positive I say! By the way.....I like chunky, greasy babies.....of any kind! Many blessings!

Leslie G.

Kristabella said...

He IS just perfect! If my doctor said that, I'd be all "how do you feel about losing your hand?" I would have switched to something else because I love me some cheese.

Ree said...

I'd be all nom nom nom over a sugar cookie, too. ;-)

He won't burst into flames.

Shannon said...

I feel your pain. I went without dairy for about 4 months. I was hoping it was the cause of Liam's colic. It wasn't but as a mom, you'll try anything to make your baby more comfortable. Plus I lost some serious baby weight cutting out all that cheese I so desperately love.

I am so glad he is gaining weight beautifully. Oh and my heart breaks at the thought of vaccines too. Luckily there is a six month break after the six month shots.