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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pet Peeve Thursday #1

So, I had a happy-go-lucky, sunshine and rainbows post (in my head) ready to go. But then, I went to work. Now, this isn't inherently bad as my job is super fun and sometimes, on occasion, I get to use a portion of my brain - that part that hasn't been killed by sleep deprivation. But today, so much stuff is getting on my left nerve, I can't even tell you. Sometimes you just have to rant.
  • Reliving Dan Uggla's THREE errors in the All Star Game. Why-oh-why does the National League insist on giving the game away every year? C'mon, I even rooted for Cub players.
  • The copy machine insists on eating everything I give to it. Maybe it's really hungry, or related to me?
  • Magic's absolute need to chase Mystic around at both 2:00 am and 10:00. These times are "Shhhh!! Baby is actually sleeping!" times.
  • Meetings that could be over in 30 minutes that take two hours. Yeah, [this afternoon's meeting], I'm talking about you!
  • Summer weather when the words "Heat Index" are thrown around.
  • Reading articles, particularly those showcased on MSN, that have comments sections. Despite the ignorance of many of the comments, I can't stop reading them.

If you feel the need to rant, please feel free to join me.


SSU said...

Babies who do well for the first three days of VBS, but then on Day 4 decide no - I don't want to nap. It is 2:30 and I think she has napped for a total of 45 minutes since 6:30 this morning...

Anonymous said...

Ack!! It's boiling hot here. Went to the pool and felt like I was melting....

Lovely Daughter decided to have a very short nap today. Just imagine it....

Becca said...

Little boys who POOP IN THEIR SWIM TRUNKS at the sprinkler park. Have I mentioned my super sensitive gag reflex?

L Sass said...

I am SO over the heat. Bring on those Chicago winters!

I would like to rant against the stomach ache I have had for the past two days, due to moving stress. UGH.