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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Scheduling My Life

I've been trying to find a way to be more productive. As someone who works full-time from home, I feel like I'm always working. During the week, I attempt to put in eight hours a day. But there are days when this guy ...

... sometimes he just won't let me work. I don't mind because he's so cute, I just want to snuggle and play with him. Anyway, then I work a couple hours every night and always do work on the weekends. I'm going to go back to work in August, so I think working on this schedule for the next two weeks is a good idea.

Here are my thoughts for the next two weeks:

  • 5:00 wake up and feed baby

  • 5:30 put baby back to bed and shower

  • 6:00 eat breakfast and work until Nathan's really up (usually about 7:00)

  • 7:00 feed and play with Nathan, clean up kitchen, perhaps inhale a cup of (decaf) coffee

  • 8:00 put Nathan on the floor (where he'll complain loudly about not being able to move forward) and work

  • 9:30 put Nathan down for morning nap and work

  • 11:30 feed Nathan and eat lunch

  • 12:00 take half-hour walk (weather permitting)

  • 12:30 put Nathan on the floor (again with the loud complaints) and work

  • 1:30 put Nathan down for a nap (this is really a never-ending process ... and he really naps for 10-30 minutes at a time)

  • 3:00 done working!! Play with baby or take my own nap (Hah!)

  • 4:00 take a walk

  • 5:00 start dinner

  • 7:30 wash Nathan up and get him ready for bed

  • 9:00 work for an hour plus, so I don't feel so pressured the next day

This is my "Grand Plan", and I'm very skeptical about it working, but I'm gonna give it a try. Any of you working-outside-of-the-home moms out there, please feel to let me know what tactics you used to get ready to go back to work. Looking at these bullets, I think Nathan and I could use all of the help we can get.


SSU said...

One problem - we will figure out how to go forward soon! So, as long as you can keep the cables away and him contained, then the schedule should be okay though...

Ree said...

1. Don't beat yourself up if you can't meet these timelines.

2. Were you at Rivers last Wednesday night? I swear I saw someone who looks JUST like you!

L Sass said...

Just reading this makes me exhausted. You are superwoman!