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Thursday, July 31, 2008


The more I read Dana's blog, the more I totally love her --- you know what I mean. Her blog was the first I started to read daily. It's been so cool to watch her adorable children grow and, being that I LOVE St. Louis, I love her stories about life in the 'Lou. But really, she's a gifted writer and she defends her viewpoints in ways that I can only do with six subsequent pages of citations.

The post she wrote for today is about a NY Times piece covering BlogHer, which was found in the Style section. Nice, right? I've read several responses to the Times piece, and Dana's seems to be the most global - attempting to read the piece from the eyes of the critics, as well as those who think all women who write "mommyblogs" are incredibly boring, brainless chits.

So, this got me thinking: I'm totally one of those "bloggers" (I like to think of myself as someone who happens to have a blog) who gives the "mommybloggers" a bad name. I post way too many pictures of my husband and my baby. Before Nathan came around, I posted way (WAY) too many pictures of my cats (and gave crazy cat ladies a bad name). But you know what? I don't blog for them. As of late, I barely blog at all. Regardless, I started blogging to keep friends - and the few family members I don't bad mouth - up to date with my wedding plans, then my pregnancy, and now my family. I think that's a perfectly valid reason to post fluff, pictures, and snippets. I'm totally fine with this. I know my writings - my real writings - are the items I produce at work and articles and chapters I write for my dissertation. Neither are obligated reading for anyone. (I guess my Committee will be ... but that would require me to get back on the D-train, right?)

I feel so grateful that blogging has introduced me to some wonderful people, especially those I've met in person. I enjoy the little windows into their lives and giving virtual hugs to celebrate or commiserate.

So bloggers - not writers who have blogs, I appreciate you more than you know - but those of you who have blogs and post silly little things like I do: It's OK. With all of the sad news, the bad news, the mean people, the serious writings in the world, it's so nice to read a sweet little story about a baby and share a giggle. Embrace it. F[orget] the naysayers; they don't mean a thing.


Nilsa S. said...

AMEN! Seriously, "blog" is such a vague term. I mean, it's someone's little corner of the online universe. After that, it's up to each of us to define what we want our blogs to be. And if others don't like it? They can go find another blog they like. Simple as that.

Like you, I've been amazed by the blogging community. Especially fellow Cardinals fans. ;-)

Becca said...

Well said! I started mine to keep family and friends in other cities apprised of pregnancy progress and then post pictures of Charlie for them to see, but it has become so much more! I love the community, mommyblogger or not!

Anonymous said...

Well said!! After all, it's YOUR blog and YOU can write what pleases you.

The others? Fuggedaboudit.

SSU said...

You got me thinking about why so many moms blog. So, I posted my thoughts on my blog. I agree with everyone else - it is your blog and you can write almost whatever you want. Some of us enjoy reading it too!

Shannon said...

I also stand with you in solidarity. All the blogs (30+) that I keep up with are made up of some of the best people around. They aren't self centered and they have plenty of important things to say. I have learned so much by reading these so called unimportant and mundane writings. And to quote Rebecca Wallace, "Nobody likes a fussy man." And he be fussy!

L Sass said...

I am with you! I do not blog to make money, become famous or write great prose. Lighten up!

Mrs Lemon said...

No kidding! There's way too much doom and gloom and "experty" people writing as it is, my blog is just for kicks. If anything ever came out of it, I would be shocked and probably appalled :)