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Friday, August 01, 2008

Early on a Friday Morning

My "day" started at midnight when my alarm clock mysteriously went off. As I have a baby, I haven't even used this alarm clock since January. After turning on the light and waking up EVERYONE in my room (husband, cat 1, cat 2, aforementioned baby), I wandered to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I knocked down several cookbooks on the counter. A couple of those books fell to the floor. I'm sure my neighbors appreciated this.

About 2:00, that baby (see above) woke up. He had received his 6-month vaccinations yesterday and wasn't feeling his best. Fortunately, instead of crying, he felt like talking. "Dadadadadadadada ... DA DA DA DA DA DA!"

Nigh on 4:00, cat 2 (Magic) chased cat 1 (Mystic) through the kitchen and over our kitchen table, and knocked the salt and pepper shakers off the table. I threw a pillow at cat 2, looked at that same alarm clock and cried.

Around 5:30, the little baby who lives in my house woke up. For good! Play with meeeee! We played, nursed, played, rocked, pleaded to go back to sleep, played, finally dozed off. I put him back in his bed around 6:30 and thought I'd get an early start on work. But first! Feed cats and get some cereal for myself. Darn it! The baby's awake! Play, rock, nurse, Zzzzzzzzz.

As I walked into the nursery to put the baby back to bed, I smacked his head on the door. He cried, and promptly fell back to sleep. Mama's head exploded with guilt, and sleep deprivation.

How's your morning going? And also, TGIF.


SSU said...

Sorry you had a bad night! We went through that a few weeks ago (baby waking up a lot, wanting to talk and play at night, etc). Luckily, she is now sleeping better. So, Hopefully it was only a one night thing andyou can take a nap today!

Becca said...

Smacking heads on the door frame is the WORST! And yet so unavoidable when they insist on keeping you in a state of constant sleep deprivation. Too bad you don't have a commute or you could throw that alarm clock out the window as you went over a bridge or something.

Lani ~ The Wooden Porch said...

I so know what you are talking about! I got a good night's sleep, but Tank has puked all over my bed and then later the living room today. Does misery love company? At least he didn't hit my pillow when he got my bed (he did get Hubs though)

Oh, and my washing machine broke down and smells like it's burning. That just happened when I tossed the 4th load of puke loaded washables in there.

Oh, and out of town company will be here later today and will stay for a week.

Have a good day! :-)

Leslie said...

I just adore you! You write about everything that is going on in our home too! My "baby" saw her pediatrician Friday......Croup with double ear infections and a little upper and lower resp. infection thrown in know just for good measure. Looks like I will not be going to work anytime soon. Hope your little ones head is ok! It is usually my elbow that gets the door and hence wakes up the sleeping child......Ah....motherhood. Nothing better! Take care!

Leslie G.

L Sass said...

Ooof. Maybe we should switch places for a while? My mornings lately have been:

8:00 wake up
8:05 drink coffee that mom made
8:10 watch Today show
8:15 fall asleep on couch