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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Our cats are packed and ready to go to their vacation home in the burbs. The baby, well, I'd like to think he's excited about meeting all of my St. Louis friends. Alright, I'm totally projecting.

We are going to the Cardinals game on Friday night, so watch for us on TV. HAHAHA ... I tell people that every time - and so far, nada. On Friday, we're going to a friend's band play. Fortunately, it's a family-friendly outdoor venue, otherwise we couldn't go. I'm hoping that we'll be able to have an easy-going meal with some close friends on Sunday. And then it's back to the hustle-bustle-grind.

What are you doing this weekend?


SSU said...

AJU5 and I are going to a 5 year old's birthday party on Saturday. The initiation was even addressed to her (not the family like it was for the 5 yr old's little brother and sister in the spring)! Other than that, it should be a regular weekend at home.

Ree said...

This weekend? I'm going to see a wigmaker. ;-)

Bailey said...

I'm not doing anything! I'm actually really looking forward to cleaning the house, watching tv and reading. Have a great weekeend in St. Louis!