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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not So Awesome

Me, last week: "I am doing so well! Pumping is getting easier every day. I've figured out relaxation techniques and I'm becoming more efficient. I am a fabulous milk-producing moo cow!"

Me, today: "Hmm... is that really four ounces? After two half hour sessions? Hmm."

I should know better than to celebrate anything when it comes to breastfeeding. My word.


SSU said...

I gave up on the pump two months ago when I was only getting a few ounces out at a time. Before that I could get 4 oz out of one side on one pumping... So don't feel bad.

Patricia said...

I don't recall a lot about breastfeeding... been a while; but are you drinking enough? That can affect output as well as stressing about the amount too.

I found nothing natural about the supposed "natural" feeding for the baby. I had doctors, nurses AND hubby using my breasts and their poking and prodding feeding machine with my first child. NO one knew baby had poor to NO sucking ability then ~ which certainly didn't help matters at all. I don't recall any warm fuzzies from that period of time at all!

I breastfed daughter for 3 days and then hit severe post-partum blues like you wouldn't believe. I handed her over to hubby along with formula and a bottle and went and cried myself to sleep. She's a happy, adjusted teenager these days so my guilt was for naught.

Good luck with expressing. There are lots of resources available to you out there!